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Landscaper in Love by Robin Stone

He wasn't paid to fall in love...

Kyle still can’t believe he’s having sex with the gorgeous Tracy Dawson while her husband Eric watches. When the Dawsons invite him to spend a long weekend at their vacation home on the lake, he jumps at the chance. Kyle gets to know Tracy in the quiet setting, and his affection for her grows deeper with every encounter. He’s falling in love with a married woman…

…and her husband. Kyle pushed his own boundaries when Eric asked to join them in bed. During the long weekend, the men take their physical relationship further, and forge an intimate connection. Kyle’s attraction to Eric brings on a whole new level of confusion and guilt.

If Kyle admits his feelings for the Dawsons, will they still invite him into their bed; or will he be left out in the cold?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Landscaper in Love continues the story between Eric, Tracy, and Kyle. Eric and Tracy invite Kyle to spend the weekend with them at their vacation home. Kyle is trying hard to not give into his feelings for Tracy and is somewhat resentful to Eric for sharing his wife. He's too involved to walk away, but staying is so complicated.

I am pulling for the three of them to make this relationship work. The characters are written in a way that has me invested, I need to know what happens! Can't wait for the last book.

This series is pure, unapologetic smut and this third installment is a bubble bath and Prosecco guilty pleasure story for anyone looking for hot erotica without wanting to navigate through plot and character development to get to the sexy bits.

At 107 pages, this is slightly longer than the first two books in the series and the focus shifts slightly from the m/f/m action to more m/m action. Like the first two books, the sex is hot with a little bit of kink.

While I cringe at the use of the word “love” in the title and I’m really not convinced this couple and their toyboy bit of rough have much of a future together, I have to admit that the sex between these three is scorching hot and surprisingly well written.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Each installment in this series gets hotter and hotter! I made the mistake/misfortune of starting this book during my lunch hour and didn't want to put it down. Needless to say, I finished it as soon as I got home.

Eric and Tracy have invited Kyle to go away with them for a long weekend at the lake and he readily accepts. He knows that he's falling hard and fast for Tracy, but he's reluctant to admit that he's just as attracted to Eric.

I'm really looking forward to the next installment – which I understand is the last – to see the progression of Eric and Kyle's relationship with each other and with Tracy.

Kyle has been invited to spend a long weekend with Tracy and Eric at their lake house. He is a little worried because his feelings for both of them might be getting complicated. Can he talk to them about it or should he just go with the flow? After they arrive at the cabin, Eric takes Kyle on a tour of the house, well part of it anyway. While Eric is always in control, Kyle just wants to break his control and make him beg once in a while. When Tracy walks in on them, she is not upset they started without her, she is happy to watch. Afterwards, Tracy shows him the rest of the house.

This threesome seems to be playing on Kyle's feeling and he wants to see where they may lead but he doesn't want things to end with the trio. When Eric surprises Kyle and Tracy, Kyle doesn't know how to take this news. Does he go with the surprise or does he risk hurting Tracy and losing them both? Is he falling in love with one or both of them? Can he talk about his past so they understand what happened to him? Will they continue this relationship to make them all happy? I can't wait for more to see what Eric and Tracy have planned for Kyle.

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