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Evading Exodus by Alexis Woods

Passover is the Jewish festival that commemorates the liberation of the children of Israel under Moses' leadership. It should be a time of joy and excitement for Darren (newly nicknamed Dare), who's meeting his boyfriend's, Ace, family for the first time for the Passover celebration. Everything changes when he discovers his ex, Seth, is one of Ace's oldest friends. Dare and Seth, who had parted ways as enemies, are now forced to try to get along for Ace and for Ace's parents. With friends and family joining together for dinner to celebrate this Spring ritual, braving the plagues of Exodus, Dare has to ride out the waves of miscommunication and understanding, discomfort and pleasure if he wants to have a chance of saving their future together.

This is book #2 in the Southern Jersey Shores series, and while it can be read as a stand-alone book, the stories are best read in sequence.

WARNING: this story contains sex acts between consenting male adults.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Evading Exodus is a continuation on the relationship of Darren (Dare) and Aaron (Ace). They find out they are both Jewish and are spending Passover with Ace's family and friends. Ace's oldest friend, Seth, is joining in on the festivities which is unfortunate for Darren, since he and Seth used to date. That relationship ended on a sour note. Darren still holding a grudge against Seth. The story follows Ace and Dare and what happens during the holiday.

I'm not sure what I think about this one. I do like the characters but I spent more time learning about Passover and its meaning than I did enjoying the story line. It wasn't bad just not what was expected.

Evading Exodus is set around the Jewish Passover holiday and continues the story of Ace and Dare (Darren) who we met in Opening Day. It is early on in their relationship and they are still finding their feet.

Current day misunderstanding and past hurts provide drama for the story and Dare and Ace provide heat and a little romance. I enjoyed the warmth and understanding of the big family celebration.

I had a great time reading this story and I hope the author will give us more of Ace and Dare's story in the future. Make sure when you finish this book to keep turning the pages because the author tells us what all of Poppa Lark's signs said, they are quite entertaining.

I will begin my review by stating that I am woefully ignorant of the practices of the Jewish religion. I grew up in a tiny town in the southern Bible belt and am unaware of there having been any Jews living in my small town, nor am I aware of their being a synagogue within a 30-mile radius – which was pretty much the extent of my world growing up. If for no other fact than that the author taught me something new, I would have found Evading Exodus to be an interesting read. Yet Ms. Woods manages to educate me and entice me at the same time as I got to spend more time with Ace and Dare and see how their relationship has progressed since Opening Day.

My only concern about Evading Exodus is that it takes places only a few weeks after Opening Day. This is a tiny issue for me because Ace and Dare seem farther into their relationship than that and it seems to be a little too soon for declarations of love (time wise). Yet Ms. Woods makes it work for these two and I found myself forgetting how brief their courtship has been – truth be told, had the passage of time not been so clearly stated in the story I would have assumed a few months had passed between installments. Setting that aside, Evading Exodus was just as enjoyable and sexy of a read as the first book in the series, perhaps even more so as Ace discovered Dare’s inner dom. I adored watching Ace and Dare together and the time they spent with family and friends. I absolutely loved how welcoming Ace’s family was of Dare and how Ace’s mom took Dare under her protective wing. The conflict between Seth and Dare was surprisingly realistic – people often forget how small the world we live in can really be – and provided an unanticipated hurdle in Ace and Dare’s relationship. I’m not sure which was my favorite part of the ending though: when Dare told Ace that he wouldn’t interfere in Ace and Seth’s friendship OR when Dare threatened bodily harm to Seth. It was a definite toss-up between the “aww” moment and the laugh-inducing scene. Either way, I enjoyed the heck out of Evading Exodus and hope to see more of Seth and Dare in future installments of the Southern Jersey Shores series.

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