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Designated Alpha by Crissy Smith Blog Tour

Piper’s happily ever after has been postponed. Destiny is funny like that.

In Last Call, Piper Maxwell revealed her true self to her mate, Jace Anderson. After fighting to survive the night on which her biggest secret was exposed, Piper believed she’d get her happily ever after. Too bad fate had other plans.

Jace would do anything to protect Piper. Finding out who and what Piper truly is seems like the best way to help. Unbeknown to Jace, though, the more he seeks answers, the bigger the risk he’s putting Piper and himself in.

All Piper wanted was to run the bar Jace owned and make her home with the man she loves. Now she’s being stalked by a scared young man, Jace’s best friend is looking into her past while staying with them, and they have a meeting with a stranger who shares Piper’s abilities. Things are changing rapidly and Piper finds herself struggling to understand what is really going on with her.

Nothing is what it appears to be as Piper and Jace are captured and held hostage. The only way they’ll be able to survive this time is if Piper can keep her newest and largest secret yet from the man who holds their lives in his hands.

Publisher's Note: This book follows the events in Last Call by Crissy Smith and is best read in sequence.

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Totally Bound

Choosing a Title

Hi everyone, I want to thank you for hosting me today on the sixth day of the blog tour for Designated Alpha. This book took every ounce of imagination and creativity that I had. I worked long hours to bring you what I think is one of the best books I’ve ever written.

This adrenaline filled adventure contains hot scenes and plenty of action.

While there is plenty of mystery and intrigue to carry the plot while we watch Piper and Jace’s relationship grow. I take into account everything when choosing a title of a book. But to understand why I chose this particular title you have to go back a few months and check out my prequel short story Last Call, where we first meet Piper and Jace. Now you can read Designated Alpha without first enjoying Last Call but I think it makes Designated Alpha even better. Last Call came from Piper and Jace ending every night with a drink before closing up the bar. It’s in this bar where they begin to fall in love. So when I decided to write this novel, the thing I had to think about first was the title. As at the end of Last Call, Piper was so surprised to find out she was an Alpha, I wanted to have that aspect in the title. I got designated from two parts of the plot. The play on words with “designated driver” as Piper wasn’t actively seeking an Alpha position but was pulled into it.

I’ll admit that in every book I write the title is the very last piece that I complete before it’s ready to go. It’s never easy to try to pick one or two words that will draw in a crowd. I think I’ve chosen well with Designated Alpha and hope you’ll give it a try.

Before I leave I do want to give you an exclusive sneak peek at Designated Alpha.

His feet pounded against the asphalt as Jace reached mile five of his morning run. The chill of the early morning air felt good against his sweat laden flesh.

Even in the two years since he’d retired from service he still woke up at the same time for his workout. He didn’t have to stay in shape to fight for his country any longer but it was habit.

He was glad now that he hadn’t broken the routine. With the changes in his life recently he lived in constant worry that Piper was in danger.

A werewolf. The love of his life was an actual werewolf.

It was still so unbelievable. Even though he’d known there was something in her past that scared her, the fact that she could turn into a wolf, was simply amazing. If he hadn’t seen it for himself he wouldn’t believe it.

But he had witnessed her transformation. Six months ago and almost daily since then.

Piper had revealed her true self in order to protect him. She’d killed the man that had tormented her for years, the monster who had attacked a trusting woman, changing her life in one night.

Fury still surfaced when he thought about what Piper had lived through. She didn’t deserve the pain and suffering. He’d vowed early on that she would never have to deal with anything like that again.

He would keep that promise to her.

Crissy Smith lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. The three dogs love to curl up under her computer desk and nap while she writes. It doesn't leave a lot of room for her but what's a woman to do?

When not writing or reading, she enjoys hunting, camping and shooting. But she has a girly side too and is addicted to pedicures and coffee.

She has been writing since she was a teenager and still loves everything to do with the paranormal. Her stories and characters all have a place in her heart. She loves the alpha male, the dominant werewolf, or the Master vampire which find their way in most of her books.

Learn more about the characters she has created at her website where they have their very own page. It will be updated from time to time to let you know what's going on with them. Also you can find out who will be in the next book.

Paranormal Romance on the ‘WILD’ side.

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