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Fire and Mistletoe by Draven St. James

When Greyson Hayes envisions the perfect first Christmas with Mica Cruz he sees twisted sheets, a bottle of wine and a roaring fire. What he doesn't see is a holiday spent with the uproarious Cruz family. Grey hasn't taken part in a family Christmas since the death of his parents. Despite his misgivings, he can't seem to form the word no when it comes to Mica.

Mica knows that Grey's not a grinch. Hell, the man shares so much Christmas cheer during the holidays that he leaves no time to experience any for himself. Not this year. Mica plans to make a few changes, starting with a few wicked and whimsical gifts. He enlists the help of his co-workers at Firehouse Six. They band together and strive to provide Grey with the same joy he gives to everyone else--with five a.m. tree hunts, strategically placed mistletoe and Mica playing Santa's not-so-little helper.

But while Mica is busy being nice, Grey has plenty of time to be naughty…

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Fire and Mistletoe continues the story of the incredibly sex Grey and Mica. Since his parents died, Grey works every Christmas to allow others to be with their families. Mica invites Grey to his family Christmas celebration and rediscover the joys of the season.

We get the struggles of our male leads as they move further into their relationship as well as a lesson on the joy of giving to and helping others. The author also gives us a hint of a potential romance between two more of our fire fighters. I look forward to their story.

By the time I'd finished Fire and Mistletoe I was all warm and fuzzy and in the mood for Christmas. Unfortunately for me I read the story in July!

4 smoking hot, emotional stars.

Christmas in July.

At a glance, this series seems to be focused on the smexy, but beneath the surface are a lot of feels. I had a bit of trouble getting into the book because of no build up to the beginning bedroom scenes. While I love Grey & Mica, I needed a bit more foreplay. By the middle of the book, I was eagerly reading, clicking page after page, never wanting it to end.

Fire and Mistletoe is not your ordinary smexy book featuring the holidays. I laughed a few times. I teared up a bit. My heart clenched during several scenes. Lastly, it got me scorching hot enough that I'd need a firefighter to put my flame out. (Erica hangs her head in shame <== I am not one who enjoys gratuitous sex, but I love the Firehouse Six series for some reason.)

I want book 3 now, but I have to wait until I receive it for review.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so was delighted to get to read the second too.

The story picks up where we left off, with Mica now living with Grey and their friends at the fire station aware of their relationship. Even though this is a short story, we get a lot of development in their story, meet family, experience abject jealousy and witness Grey at what he does best – helping others. Plus of course, plenty of mind-blowingly hot and steamy times. They certainly know how to choose Christmas presents with a zing!

I am looking forward to reading the next book, as I have a whole plot sat in my mind given the events of this one – can't wait to see if I was right!

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I have always loved to write and have been doing so since I could put pen to paper. My passion for writing led me to a desire to know what makes people tick. With that in mind I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology and English. The wealth of knowledge that was open to me enriched my writing in ways I could not have comprehended.

With my degree in psychology I was able to get a job performing psychological profiles. I learned so much for the simple act of understanding how personalities are formed. I utilized this knowledge in my books. I was able to form my characters by tapping into the experiences I have had within that profession.

My rather large family has also given me plenty of fodder to weave stories with laughter and joy. They have supported my desire to follow the crazy and unpredictable path of being a writer.

In my spare time I tutor those in creative writing who have yet to find their voice. I seek to help them find that part of themselves that calls out to be released in words.

Yet, at the end of the day I find my bliss in the written word. I strive to create worlds and believable characters that people can connect to and be inspired by. I endeavor to infuse passion and excitement into the lives of my readers simply by building a universe where anything can happen.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Fire and Mistletoe (Firehouse Six #2) by Draven St. James to read and review.

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