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There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin.

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When a ghost from her past visits, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that ”" put her back into the game of murder and deceit. Tori has decided to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA.

Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her idea only holds one flaw: a man she can’t shake, who won’t take 'No' for an answer.

She soon discovers that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.

This book is intended for readers 18+ and contains scenes that may cause distress to some readers: Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape and Substance Abuse are described in detail.
Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

In this installment, Tori is continuing to build a life for herself and FINALLY putting down some "roots." She's coming into her own and it's genuinely uplifting. As she begins to "come out of her shell" she's also starting to trust - question is who CAN and SHOULD she trust?!

Not much "action" occurs, instead it's full of introspective growth for our heroine - She is one strong woman. As soon as you begin to feel excited that she will get to live a normal life, you realize that her life is a cruel joke.

Based on the past two books, I feel this one was a bit more low-key.

BUT I still NEED TO KNOW what happens!!!!

This series just gets better and better - I hope the next installment isn't too long in coming ...

Again I stopped normal life and immersed myself in Tori's world - and what a great place it was to be. Her indomitable spirit almost in spite of her conscious thoughts is wonderfully expressed by the writer.

You need to have read books one (Captive) and two (Bound) to get the full story, but there is some reflection which gives further understanding of her upbringing.

I loved it!

Entwined is book 3 of 7 in Samantha Jacobey's New Life series and the books must be read in order. This series is a tough read, given the life our heroine has lead, but worth reading.

Told mostly from the point of view of Tori's travelling companion, Entwined gives us a different view of Tori and I think this helps keeps the story fresh. Entwined has a quiet, steady pace and the relationship between Tori and her travelling companion is built slowly and is very well written. The whole time I was reading knowing I was being lulled into a false sense of security, knowing at some point Tori's past was going to have to come back and bite her. For me this has been the best book so far.

I am completely in love with this series and can't wait for book 4. I would highly recommend Entwined and the entire New Life series.

3.5 Stars!!
This is the third book in the series, you must read the first two in order to understand everything. Ok, this starts right where the second ended.

This book didn't hold my attention like the first two did, it took me a couple of days to read it, unlike the others which I read in just a few hours. I think this was more character driven, I don't have a problem with that, I just got bored. We didn't get any action until the very end. I need my suspense/action throughout the story to keep me interested.

I do love the characters in this series, and I seriously need to know what's going to happen. I hope the fourth book is darker, with more action!!!

Tori is finally able to leave the halfway house and she is not alone. Michael Anderson, Henry's younger brother, is with her and he only wants to protect her as he promised Henry he would do. Tori wants him gone, she doesn't need anyone to protect her. So they travel together to Denver to a storage locker to retrieve what she is looking for. Turns out the locker was Henry's and she picked up a toolbox full of money. Then they travel to Texas to open a shop to buy, repair and sell bikes. All the while thinking they are free and no one is after them. But the F.B.I. has other ideas, but what are they? This story will pull you in from the very first page of Captive, through Bound and to the end of Entwined. I hope there will be more to this series, I want more, and need to know what happens with Tori and Michael. Such a great series, you should pick them up and enjoy the ride that Samantha has set for it, I loved it.

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Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations anywhere at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.

I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! CAPTIVE is now on sale for only 99 cents - so it's easier than ever to get started on this fantastic series!!!

  2. Great series so far, can't wait to start Exposed. Thanks for a great giveaway!


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