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The Best Laid Plans by Karla Sorensen

He should know by now that the best-laid plans… can change in a heartbeat.

A tough-as-leather football player. A happy-go-lucky historian. It’s love against all odds in a warm and emotional romance about found family, friendship, and the restorative powers of the heart.

Former Dallas football player Burke Barrett is weathering a lot of changes. He’s retired from football. He’s mourning the loss of his best friend. And now he’s been bequeathed a dilapidated house in northern Michigan he doesn’t want. To his surprise it comes with a long-legged, blindly optimistic renovation manager with big ideas for Burke’s inheritance. She’s passionate, irritating, and irresistible.

Restoration expert Charlotte Cunningham is used to rough exteriors. This surly client, with his stubbled jaw, towering physique, and inflexible attitude, is worth smoothing over. The attraction sizzles, and a proposal is in order: a romantic tryst to relieve the tension. No strings attached. A safe bet for both of them since Burke is prepared to renovate, sell, and move on.

A pet project with an end date. Does that go for love too? Burke must decide what he really wants and what he’s willing to risk. He should know by now that the best-laid plans can change in a heartbeat.


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The Best Laid Plans by Karla Sorensen

Book 1
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Charlotte Cunningham, it seemed, was very skilled at igniting my temper. Probably because I had found her attractive. Like Murphy’s Law.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the first in a new series. I really enjoyed it – it is a very different take on a sports romance, dealing with a man who has just retired from the game due to injury, and the unexpected turn his life takes due the to death of a close friend and fellow player, Chris, and his wife, Aimie. For a moment he panics that he is going to be asked to look after the children but, in fact, he is left a house! It had been in Chris's family for centuries but needed complete restoration after being sold off.

Charlotte is living in the guest house and working on the period restoration of the house in accordance with the memories of its owners, when they die in an accident. Now a somewhat angry Burke turns up saying he is now the owner of the house, trusted by his friend to get the job done.

As we watch Burke grieve his career, and his friend, and try and manage spending time at the house and with his sister and niblings, the line is stretched thin. Then he also realises how much Charlotte means to him – but struggles with understanding just how it can all fit together. And along the way, the house returns to its former glory thanks to Burke, Charlotte, and William, the contractor.

I loved how, as the house restoration progresses, Burke also finds some peace and a new fulfilling life.



His gaze shot through every line of defense I could ever hope to construct. What an odd moment to realize just how flimsy it was. Tissue paper thin. All of it. And Burke was a battering ram.


Author Bio

KARLA SORENSEN is the Amazon Top Ten bestselling author of numerous series, including the Ward Sisters, the Washington Wolves, the Bachelors of the Ridge, and Three Little Words. When she’s not devouring Dramione fanfic or avoiding the laundry, you can find her watching football (British and American) or HGTV or listening to Enneagram podcasts so she can psychoanalyze everyone in her life, in no particular order of importance. With a degree in advertising and public relations from Grand Valley State University, she made her living in senior health care prior to writing full-time, and never reads or writes anything without a happily ever after. Karla lives in Michigan with her husband, two boys, and a big shaggy rescue dog named Bear.

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The condescension coming off him was as thick as a blanket. A blanket I was about to wrap around his neck and pull really, really tight.


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