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Salems Song by Kristen Proby Release Blitz

Kindle Unlimited. Salems Song.

Submerge yourself in the final enthralling installment of New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby’s The Curse of the Blood Moon series.

Torn apart by tragedy, Lorelei has kept Xander at arm’s length, focusing on her career and gifts, rather than rekindling their love. But now that she’s back in Salem, she can’t avoid him and finds herself slowly softening toward the man she’s loved all of her life. However, the witch hunter they’ve been fighting still hasn’t been vanquished. Between that and breaking the curse of the Blood Moon, now is not the best time for her to give the sexy Xander another try.

Despite Lora pushing him away, Xander has never stopped loving her. But now that the stakes are higher with evil threatening them more than ever, he is done giving her time and space. With the curse that Jonas put into place long ago creating havoc with the innocent residents of Salem, the core six, their coven, and the witches from Hallows End need to work together to overcome true wickedness.

Will Xander and Lora find themselves once again amidst these stormy seas and their recent separation? Or will evil reign, throwing the core six, Salem and Hallows End into unimaginable peril?

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Salems Song by Kristen Proby

Book 3
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“I can fly wherever I godsdamn well please, and if that means I want to look in on you to make sure you’re safe, then I fucking will, Lorelei. You don’t have a say in that.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
Second-Chance Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

This book begins where book two left off. They've defeated the "thing" once again, but everyone knows that this isn't over.

Lorelei and Xander have kept their distance for years, despite their souls calling out to one another. With nothing to really go on, their friends just aren't sure how to help these two fix their broken relationship. Everyone knows that these two are meant to be together.

Xander has been trying for years to fix what was broken between him and Lorelei, but she's stubborn and is holding on to their distance like a shield. Now, with danger lurking in literally any corner, Xander knows this is it. He either hovers and protects her without her approval – and risks ever repairing their relationship – or he lets others protect her, despite his instincts.

With the curse still looming and new, more dangerous revelations, it will take everyone's knowledge, everyone's love, and even forgiveness to fight this demon and lift the curse.

Twists, turns, betrayals, and secret messages will make this story exciting, fast paced, and super fun to read. It's a great story for around Halloween and although I wish the ending were even more drawn out to see a more complete epilogue, I loved how this all came together.

This is third and final book in the series, and you most definitely need to read this in order, or you will not only miss some great storytelling, but really not understand what is happening! I loved how we have a mystery which crosses over time, which reminds us of the Salem Witch Trials, but brings it right up to date too. And best of all, finally we learn why things went wrong between Lorelei and Xander, and how good the future may be.

We have known from the beginning that these two should be together, but clearly there is a barrier making that impossible – it is incredibly frustrating for Xander, who has no idea what happened to break them. As things get more and more intense in the battle to end the 'thing,' Lora finally has to admit that her friends and family should know what led her to leave town. She learns a valuable lesson about what being a friend really means, as they all forgive her, but express their disappointment at not being able to help.

There is a level of tension which has been building throughout the series, but I think we were all pretty confident that things would be resolved to the good – these couples, their families, and covens have to be stronger than evil... otherwise, what would the world be like?

I have very much enjoyed this trilogy – Kristen Proby has secured her status as a talented paranormal author as well as a fabulous romance storyteller.



“Should we have a conversation about the dead woman in the backyard?


Author Bio

Kristen Proby. New York Times Bestselling Author.

KRISTEN PROBY is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over seventy published titles. She debuted in 2012, captivating fans with spicy contemporary romance about families and friends with plenty of swoony love. She also writes paranormal romance and suggests you keep the lights on while reading them.

When not under deadline, Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and their fur babies, riding her bike, relaxing with embroidery, trying her hand at painting, and, of course, enjoying her beautiful home in the mountains of Montana.

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“My heart only beats because I know you’re in this world, and I spend every moment of every day wishing for you.”


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