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Rocked by Gillian Archer Release Blitz

Now Live. Rocked by Gillian Archer. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Not when you marry a rock star.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Not when you marry a rock star.


Las Vegas was a terrible idea. Why can't I say no to my family? After a night out with my awful cousin for her bachelorette party, I wake up naked in a strange bed surrounded by scrawled notebook pages. Turns out I’d married a rock star last night. How am I ever going to explain this to my religious parents?


I went to Vegas to get married, only she married someone else, so why shouldn’t I do the same? It’s the best way to stop public speculation about the marriage-that-wasn’t. But even better, something about Shay has flipped a switch inside me—suddenly I can write music again. Only my new little wifey isn’t thrilled about our marriage.

She says drunken mistake. I say best night ever. Of course I'm right. And I'll use everything I've got to convince her.


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Rocked by Gillian Archer

Book 1
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Little Miss Waiting-for-Marriage would never want to be with a rock star. My entire persona was built around tattoos and poor decisions—everything Shay wasn’t.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 stars

What happens when you marry a Rock God in Vegas? Not what you think. Shay is in Vegas with her awful cousin and her worst friends for her cousin’s bachelorette party. When Shay overhears them talking about her, she wanders off and runs into a god, literally runs into him. When he offers to take her to dinner, she has nothing better to do. She realizes that he had overheard her cousin and friends talking and he feels sorry for her. But that is so far from the truth.

Chase is in Vegas to get married but when his bride marries someone else, he bumps into this goddess, and he hears music. He has gotten his mojo back. His writer's block is gone, and it is thanks to Shay. He has to keep her close. And what better way to do that than to marry her? The funny thing is, she has no idea who he is. She is in for a big surprise when the sun comes up.

I enjoyed this story and was rooting for Shay but knew that something was going to go wrong. It wasn't as bad as I was thinking though. I thought that Shay and Chase were good together. Her innocence made him want to be a better person for her. I hope you give this one a chance and I can't wait for book two.

I am very happy that this is the start of a new series, because I am already looking forward to what messes the rest of the band can get themselves into!

Chase is in Vegas to get married – and when his plans fall apart, he finds an unexpected alternative bride in Shay. What's more, it would seem that she is also breaking his writer's block. I enjoyed their meet-cute, although when she realises she was a substitute to someone who is her polar opposite, there are a few difficult moments.

Shay doing things for others is definitely a theme as she has been the well behaved daughter until this weekend in Vegas. Now she is being very patient as Chase uses her as his muse, almost entirely forgetting that she also has needs.

Lots of passion, lots of rock star crazy moments, but also an awakening as to what is really important. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the band move forward in future installments.



Author Bio

GILLIAN ARCHER has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering but prefers to spend her time on happily ever after. She writes the kind of stories she loves to read—the hotter the better!

When Gillian’s not pounding away on the keyboard, she can be found surfing the couch indulging in her latest reality tv fixation, baking something ridiculously tasty (and horrible for her waist line) or snuggling with her husband.

Home is currently in the wilds of Nevada with her amazing husband, ridiculously cute kiddo, and goofy dog.

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What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Not when you marry a rock star.


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