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Heresy by Lily White Blog Tour

Heresy by Lily White. Available Now. Book Tour May 1 - 5. Kindle Unlimited.

Sixth Circle
Also Known as Shane Carter

There are no rules with this man.
No courtesies.
No acceptable behaviors he’ll conform to in order to be accepted.

He marches to his own beat.
Gives the finger to expectations.
And does whatever pleases him because nobody can control him.

Arrogant. Aggravating. Absolute Chaos.
Shane is the last person you want walking into your world.

It’s too bad he walked into mine.
Now I can’t get rid of him.
Not that I’m sure I want to.

He wants something from me.
He’s playing a game.
And every time we come together, I can’t help feeling like I’m dancing with the Devil.

It all started with a chance meeting.
With the exchange of a few angry words.
And now that I’m trapped in this man’s maze, I fear I won’t be strong enough to resist being seduced.

***Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.

Nine Ruthless Men. Nine Unrepentant Sinners. Nine Irresistible Manipulators.

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Heresy by Lily White

Book 4
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“Scared?” He asks, his voice so deep that it shakes me to the core.

“Not at all,” I manage to breathe out.

Another laugh. “Liar.”

He’s not wrong. That’s exactly what I am.

Shane isn’t scared, though.

Not when he rolls me to my back, his body weight trapping me in place as he releases my hair to push up on his elbows.

Taking a long slow look down my body, he shakes his head. “Gotta get you out of those baggy clothes.”

His eyes meet mine, that ocean color churning and waves pounding. “And burn them.”

I open my mouth to laugh, but he steals it with another violent kiss, his tongue sweeping out to capture mine, his chest dropping down against me as he pulls my arms above my head to trap me in place.

Releasing the kiss, he sighs.

“Brin, are you sure about—”

“Don’t,” I demand, cutting him off. “Don’t ruin it. You want to show me what it means to live? Then skip the bullshit of making sure I’m okay and just simply show me..."




Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Heresy is the fourth installment in the Antihero Inferno series. It CANNOT be read as a standalone and must be read in the order the author intended. I highly suggest going back and reading the series from the beginning (at least read the end of Violence to refresh your memory).

Heresy is Shane's story. Shane Carter is arrogant, impulsive, manipulative, and does exactly what he wants. When he meets his match with Brinley, the chemistry is chart topping. I loved everything about Heresy. Lily White is back and better than ever with this one. She had to keep us waiting but she did not disappoint when she brought us back into this world of chaos.

I cannot stress enough to read what's before this one or you will not get the full effect of this series. I am so excited for what's next!!

Heresy, book four in the Antihero Inferno series by Lily White, exceeded my expectations!

I love this series, but have my favorites and am adding Shane's book to that list. Shane will do anything that needs to be done. He may not employ "traditional" methods, but he always finds a way. He wasn't what I expected, and I can't fathom why I expected so little from him. I adore Brinley. She's true to herself and never compromises her beliefs! Together, though, these guys are FIRE!

If you've read the previous three books, you NEED this now. If you have yet to start, then I highly suggest you see to that immediately.

I cannot wait to see what's really going on...

I honestly should have re-read the previous books; it's been awhile but once I got back in the groove, this book flew! This is Shane and Brinley’s story and what a story it was. This author has a way of pulling you in from page one and you find yourself furiously turning the pages to see what's next. This book did not disappoint! Sexy, alluring, and full of chaos. This book has it all and you will enjoy it just as much as the previous books and you'll be wanting more of these nine men!



Author Bio

LILY WHITE is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance, Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

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