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Jamison by A.N. Waugh Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Jamison by A.N. Waugh. June 7th - 11th.


Jamison Black. Lead singer for the band Maxim, and my first love. He broke my heart to follow his dream. Now, six years after the heartbreak, he is my job. I’ve worked hard for this internship and to get close to him again, but it doesn’t take long to realize we can’t be anything more than friends. Not when Maxim is so close to the success they’ve been chasing all this time.


I never knew how much I missed Vance Martin until I saw him in the last place I expected. He is my heart. Always has been, always will be. I’m his client, and he’s determined to keep me in the friend zone. A place I refuse to stay. I might have left my heart behind six years ago, but I won’t let him go again.

Jamison is the first book in the Maxim series. A MM rock star, best friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance with two stubborn main characters, a too observant, witty and flamboyant interfering coworker, entertaining bandmates and friends, and a fake girlfriend who has forgotten her love isn’t real.

Jamison does not end on a cliffhanger for the couple, but there are some unresolved conflicts that will reappear later in the series

***For CW please see author’s note in the front matter***


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Jamison by A.N. Waugh

Book 1
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“Hey, you should come out with me tonight. I know this great club.” Klaus interrupts my thoughts about working with one of the biggest and most well-known record labels.

“Sure, why not?” I agree. I need to make friends and Klaus, with his big personality and flashy attire, seems to be the most welcoming. Besides, I should get to know the man if we are going to be working together for the next few months. What can it hurt? He’s harmless, right?

A few hours later, I’ve resigned myself to the knowledge that Klaus is anything but harmless as he drags me inside a crowded club. Every head turns in our direction, and while I’m not ashamed to be seen with him, it means I garner just as much attention for being at his side. The tight leather pants and black see-through top he’s wearing leave nothing to the imagination. Every man and woman we pass can clearly see the size of his package and the piercings in his nipples. I look and feel out of place in comparison with my jeans and an old Nirvana t-shirt.

When we reach the bar, Klaus orders a couple of shots and some fruity concoction for the two of us. I look around, taking in all the people. My eyes drift across the club, over the dance floor, and up to the second floor.

A glass wall surrounds a balcony sitting area where the VIPs avoid the crowd of commoners literally beneath them. Sitting at a table in the corner is a face I would recognize anywhere, even at a distance. I blink and he’s gone. Did I imagine it?

Klaus hands me a shot and I toss it back, letting the burn that slides down my throat bring me back to reality and the here and now.

“Here.” He hands me one of the fruity drinks. “Let’s dance.”

Maxim’s latest hit plays over the sound system and the buzz of alcohol and the steady beat of the music flow through me. The sexy, gravelly voice of Maxim’s lead singer lulls me into a sexually charged state. I close my eyes and let the rhythm take over, my body swaying in a dance learned years ago.

Jamison Black’s voice has seduced me, consoled me, and left me wanting since I was a teen. His rockstar looks: long dark hair and ice-blue eyes lined with kohl stirred my libido before I fully understood my attraction to men. Late night fantasies of his talented mouth on my skin, fantasies that still claim me when I’ve gone too long without release, flash through my mind.

The DJ switches songs, and my Jamison-induced spell is broken. I open my eyes and take in the club. Klaus, in all his flamboyant splendor, is dancing between two well-dressed men, probably corporate businessmen here to unwind. Too bad Klaus has set his sights on them.

I laugh and move from the dance floor to the bar for another drink. My inhibitions slowly drift away as the warm and sensual caress of alcohol unfurls in my veins. I glimpse myself in the mirror behind the bar. My cheeks are pink with the heat that permeates my body, and my hair is a ruffled mess from dancing.

The bartender hands me another of the fruity drinks Klaus had ordered earlier.

“Damn. That’s too bad. I’d hoped to make it over in time to buy you a drink.” A man that screams sleazy Hollywood moves to stand next to me. “I’m Chad. I hope I’m not being too forward, but are you here alone?”

“Uh,” I stall, searching the crowd for Klaus. “I’m here with—”

“There you are. I thought I’d lost you out there.”

The rich, melodic voice comes from behind and I close my eyes as an arm wraps around my waist, fingers gripping my hip.

“My apologies.” Chad sounds more annoyed than apologetic about the newcomer’s intrusion.

“No problem.” I can practically hear the forced politeness in his voice and open my eyes to tell Chad that I am not here with anyone but a friend. But he has since moved on to another target farther down the line of people at the bar.

Breathing deeply, I step away until the man’s arm at my back falls away, then turn to face a blast from my past. A sexy as fuck blast from the past.




Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Jamison is the first book in the Men of Maxim series.

Jamison Black is the lead singer of Maxim. They are an up and coming band. They have to follow the plan that was laid out for them. That includes Jamison keeping his sexuality secret from the public. The record company thinks it will change the sell ability of the band, if the thousands of screaming female fans find out he's gay. He is involved in a fake relationship to keep up appearances for the public. When a new PR firm is hired to keep the band's fires to a minimum, Jamison isn't expected to be face to face with the man he walked away from to follow his dreams.

Vance has done everything he could to put him in this position to be able to work for Maxim and be closer to his friend and man he loved, Jamison. Vance wants nothing more than to be with Jamison, but seeing how it could affect Maxim and everything Jamison has worked for, he begrudgingly puts Jamison in the friend zone.

Unexpected twists and turns have them putting everything on the line for each other. I was pulled into this read immediately and was rooting for them on every page. The connection they have is ultimately unbreakable.

This is a new-to-me author and I can't wait to read more. With the hints of what's to come, I'm excited for the next book in this series!

This is the first book in a new rock star romance series (one of my favourite genres) and I will be on the lookout for future releases. There is inevitably a high level of world building in the book, which I am sure would smooth out in future.

Most definitely a book set behind the scenes of the rock world, reminding us about the hassle of bus journeys and lack of privacy when considering dating on a band tour. In this case, with it being between two people who really should know better due to their roles – I did feel that Vance's internship was somewhat forced upon him, so he had some innocence in the decision, but how it played forward could have been better handled, that's for sure! The usual disapproval from management, the fake girlfriend, etc., all combined to raise the angst levels a little, but there was no really painful drama, which was refreshing. Jamison also clearly did genuinely regret his decisions, and knew what he wanted going forward.

A fun setting for a second-chance romance, it will be interesting to see what future installments bring and how we see this relationship develop in the background.

This is the first book in a new series. It doesn't end with a cliffhanger for Jamison and Vance. I liked the dual points of view. I was able to connect more to each guy better that way. There were times I wanted to shake both Jamison and Vance. This is your typical rock star who left his heart behind love story. The road to happiness was bumpy but they finally got there, and you couldn't be happier. I'm excited to see what the next book in the series has to offer and I hope we get a glimpse of Jamison and Vance again.



Author Bio

A.N. Waugh

A.N. WAUGH is an author of MM/MMM+ romances, a pansexual mess, and a firm believer that love is love.

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Everything’s up in flames and I’m not sure I’ll be able to snuff out all the smoldering pieces. But Vance is worth it. He’s worth burning it all to the ground.


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