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Gossamer in the Darkness by Kristen Ashley Blog Tour

Available Now. Ebook. Print. Audio. 1001 Dark Nights. Gossamer in the Darkness. A Fantasyland Novella. Kristen Ashley.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Ashley brings a new story in her Fantasyland series…

Their engagement was set when they were children. Loren Copeland, the rich and handsome Marquess of Remington, would marry Maxine Dawes, the stunning daughter of the Count of Derryman. It’s a power match. The perfect alliance for each house.

However, the Count has been keeping secret a childhood injury that means Maxine can never marry. He’s done this as he searches for a miracle so this marriage can take place. He needs the influence such an alliance would give him, and he’ll stop at nothing to have it.

The time has come. There could be no more excuses. No more delays. The marriage has to happen, or the contract will be broken.

When all seems lost, the Count finds his miracle: There’s a parallel universe where his daughter has a twin. He must find her, bring her to his world and force her to make the Marquess fall in love with her.

And this, he does.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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Gossamer in the Darkness by Kristen Ashley

Book 5.5
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She sat across from him at his breakfast table in the conservatory, the beams of the sun gilding her hair, her face aimed to the windows, watching the birds at their bath.

He was dressed, but she was wrapped in his dressing gown. It was too big for her. But it was all they had for the now as he refused to button her into a gown she’d worn just the day before. He’d sent word to Corliss to have her maid, her apparel and her toilette directed to his townhome so she could face the day fresh, preparing to do so there.

More importantly, this also meant he got to keep her longer.

“Stop watching me,” she told the window. “It’s ridiculously romantic. I’m melting in a puddle over here.”

He grinned at his coffee cup, his attention remaining on her over the rim as he took a sip.

She turned in the midst of this, watched his actions, and her gaze heated yet again.

“You’re a walking, talking, eating, drinking-coffee, sex-god hero from a romance novel,” she groused.

“I love you think that, though I’m perplexed as to why this seems to put you in a foul mood,” he noted, returning his cup to its saucer.

“I can’t jump you over the table due to your injury, that’s why,” she explained.

He raised a brow. “Did I not prove my creativity this morning?”

“The bit where you were on your knees could have torn your stitches.”

The tone of her response communicated she was now being very serious.

“Again, darling, I’m fine,” he said in the same tone.

“How worried should I be about this bordello woman you’ve angered?” she asked.

And there it was.

“You shouldn’t worry at all.”




“I want you to have what you want.”     “I already told you that’s you.”     “You deserve better.”     “There is no one better than you.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is book 5.5 of the Fantasyland series, and I have a huge admission to make... I have not read this series! I cannot really explain why – and I will be remedying the situation as soon as I have the time – but there we are! Anyway, the 1001 Dark Nights series advertises itself as a treat for fans or an introduction for newcomers, and for once I am in that second category. It certainly worked for me.

I loved the world that we are in, and the rationale for how the situation can change – Loren and 'Maxine' were a huge amount of fun together, and I loved the misplaced words, and how he reacted. I was completely transported into a new world and invested in the success of the relationship in spite of the strangeness of their situation. I realised when we meet the king et al that this is a common theme, and that they realise that she is a 'twin.'

As always, Kristen Ashley makes sure that the very best outcome happens, and this time it means that Maxine's mum is in Fantasyland too – and dealing with the changes in a very amusing way, happily taking on the airs and graces of her position and getting justice for her daughter.

I am very much looking forward to getting to grips with the whole realm and how each of the couples found each other. If they are as engaging as Loren and 'Maxine,' then they will be excellent reads.

Gossamer in the Darkness by Kristen Ashley was an amazing addition to the Fantasyland series! I want to pause right there and just throw in that the Fantasyland series contains one of my favorite worlds ever created by this author. (That other fave would be Triton, the home for The Rising series). The author has created this amazing world, different lands, different people, and different just everything and it is my favorite! Whenever I'm in a book funk, I go back to these series over and over, and I still feel the same emotion I felt the first time.

The story of Maxine/Satrine and Loren Copeland is one I will remember, it is a small story compared to most Kristen Ashley books, but it is a complete story. We have parallel universes, we have conspiracies, we have political intrigue, and we have magic – this has everything to keep your interest.

Personally, I love this.

Maxine is ripped out of her world. She's brought to this parallel universe, and she can't tell anybody. She has to keep everything secret. Whereas Loren Copeland, a duke and all-around good guy, has a mystery of intrigue. You don't really know much about him, but as you get to know him, you see he's a good guy with a good heart. But darkness permeates his being.

We do get to see a bit of our old favorite characters from both series I mentioned above, which was really a nice touch.

If you haven't read either of the series, the Fantasyland series or The Rising series, you don't need to in order to enjoy this... but I highly suggest you do because they were absolutely phenomenal.

Overall, I would rate this 10 stars if I could. Like I said, it is amazing. Great romance, steamy scenes, little angst, it just it has everything, and it will entertain everyone!



"You are rocking my world, your grace."


Author Bio

KRISTEN ASHLEY is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of over sixty romance novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold over three million books.

Born in Gary and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana, Kristen was a fourth generation graduate of Purdue University. Since, she has lived in Denver, the West Country of England, and she now resides in Phoenix. She worked as a charity executive for eighteen years prior to beginning her writing career.

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She’d give him anything he wished. That was who she was. He knew it to his soul. It was why he chose her. So he could give that back.

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