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Real Danger by Elle Keaton Release Blitz

Release Blitz. Elle Keaton’s Real Danger.

How can one man be so incredibly frustrating but so sexy at the same time?

Ryder knows two things. Tragedy can strike at any moment so you have to hold tightly to the gifts life gives you. And, Shay is one of those gifts. To Ryder their fifteen-year age difference is nothing, Shay is the man he wants. Now he just needs an opportunity to plead his case with the sexy lawyer.

He gets his chance when Shay asks him to assist on a case involving a missing person, but the investigation quickly turns perilous. A stomach-churning rollercoaster ride of what the hell is going on, puts both men in danger—but from whom?

Will the two get their chance at love, or will a brutal criminal tear the future from their grasp?

Real Danger, second in the West Coast Forensics series is a dual POV, age-gap, m/m romantic suspense following Shay and Ryder as they fight for their HEA.

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Real Danger by Elle Keaton

Book 2
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“Well?” Shay prompted.

Oh, right. Why was he here?

“I couldn’t find anywhere else to stay, but luckily this place had a last-minute cancellation.”

“No, Ryder,” Shay said, his grin wide and knowing. “I mean on Piedras. There’s no way you can convince me that whatever files you had for Niall couldn’t have been sent by courier.”

Ryder cocked his head. “What if I wanted to be the courier?” Okay, whatever, Shay was on to him, and he supposed there was no point in trying to fool him. “Fine. I wanted to see you. Is that so bad? But in my defense, I don’t trust the postal system any more than Niall does.”

Shay drew in a deep breath. “Ryder, we’ve talked about this.”

“You have told me I’m too young for you—which implies you are attracted to me, just pointing that out. I personally don’t have a problem with an age difference. I enjoy a partner with more life experience. But anyway, I don’t think I can emphasize enough my distrust of US mail. The last thing I need is to send something out and have it delivered seventy-five years later, like that postcard I read about last week. What exactly have we already talked about? I feel like it was more you informing me and expecting me to just agree with you.” Now the drinks were making him feisty. There was a spark between them, and Ryder wasn’t the only one who felt it. Why was Shay so frustrating, so determined not to see Ryder as an adult man who found Shay interesting, attractive, and smart enough to keep up with Ryder’s wacky brain?

“Fifteen years is a lifetime.”

“I feel like you are incredibly fixated on a number.” Ryder slumped back in his seat, picked up his drink, and swallowed the last drops. The waiter must have had his attention on their table, because he was beside them in seconds, and even though he knew he shouldn’t, Ryder ordered a third. He wasn’t driving, and it was his birthday month.



Will he get a chance to prove himself worthy? Or will a brutal criminal tear the future from his grasp? Again.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Real Danger gives us Shay and Ryder’s story. I’ve been looking forward to learning more about Ryder and the story starts from his point of view and we learned about his past, and that was enough to hook me in. Some of the start with a text message conversation instigated by Ryder and I loved the back and forth between the men. It was fun. Ryder is 15 years Shay’s junior and although he is interested in Ryder, he won’t pursue him, but that doesn’t stop Ryder and a friendship develops.

While visiting Shay on Piedras Island, Ryder joins Shay when he goes to the mainland to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl. It wasn’t long before the questions they are asking leads to danger. It becomes clear someone is trying to harm them, if not kill them. The mystery and danger in this story were so well done and I loved that it wasn’t obvious what was going on. As a reader I got to learn what was going on as Shay and Ryder did which meant unexpected surprises. Shay and Ryder’s life or death situations pull them closer together, and the romance side of the story blends seamlessly with the investigation into the missing teen.

Real Danger is just the kind of story I love. Mystery, crime, danger, tension, and romance with two intelligent and sexy characters, all at a fast pace. I had a great time reading Real Danger. This is another great story from Elle Keaton.



One wants to steal his heart, the other wants his life. Is it going to take real danger for Shay & Ryder to realize what they mean to each other?


Author Bio

ELLE KEATON writes contemporary gay romance and M/M romantic suspense set in the Pacific Northwest. Elle’s books are known for their hot m/m romance, complex characters, and unique sense of place. The men start out broken, and maybe they’re still banged up by the end, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle published first in 2017, now she has over seventeen books available for you to read or listen to.

She loves cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with a ballpoint pen.

Love always wins, thank you for supporting this indie author!

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Will fate steal their future…


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