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Christmas Carols by B. Harmony Release Blitz

Christmas Carols by B. Harmony Release Blitz

Ahhh... Christmas.

A time for festive jubilation, peppermint-flavored drinks, savage games, and torture by song?


This holiday season I have it all.

An amazing career. A growing bunch of family and friends.

A fiancé.

A man who makes my life merry and bright.

Chance has made all of my snowflake wishes come true, and to thank him, I’ve created the perfect gift… here’s hoping I can keep the secret until Christmas morning. Even if his taste in music has become… questionable… I’m certain this is going to be the best holiday ever.


Tyler has spent years lacking all the good tidings and joy a big family can bring to the Christmas season. That doesn’t mean he’s never wished for it.

I see him watching those sappy movies with families rockin’ around the Christmas tree. I see the longing in his pine colored eyes for yuletide cheer.

The big man in red ain’t got nothin’ on me, because this year I’m determined to give him the mother of all gifts to make this Christmas the best one yet.

Join Chance and Tyler after the epilogue of The B-Side in this holiday novella featuring two men more in love with one another every day. Holiday-themed puns, sappy sweet gift exchanges, steam so hot it will melt the stripes off a candy cane, and a snowflake-fluffy HEA.

Author’s Note: Unlike the rest of the series, this should not be read as a standalone.

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Christmas Carols by B. Harmony

Book 1.5
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Tyler pulls back again, breathing a bit rougher, and drops his forehead against mine. “Good morning, my love.”

“Good morning.” Running my hand alongside his face, I push his hair back and peer into his pine colored eyes. “I’d much rather you wake me up like this than with that song.”

The edge of his eyes crinkle with mirth before he tips his head back with bright laughter, his entire body shaking above mine. Taking full advantage of his distraction, I quickly switch our positions, throwing him down against the mattress and using my hips to hold him in place. His laughter cuts off in surprise for only a second before I curl my fingers into his sides and tickle him.

“You little shit. I knew you were doing it on purpose,” I growl as I take my revenge.

“Damnit… Chance… okay… uncle… I call uncle!” he shouts out, the words broken up between pants of laughter.

I halt the movement of my hands but refuse to budge my body, enjoying the feel of him pinned beneath me. Over the past year, I’ve discovered and exploited how much Tyler loves when I control him in bed. That fact is further proven as I watch his breathing escalate and his pupils dilate, the color of his irises eclipsing with desire.

Collapsing my weight against him, I take him in a deep kiss, our tongues brushing against one another before I pull back and bite his bottom lip gently. Tyler moans and arches up against me, forcing me to release his lip as his erection makes contact with my exposed one.

Sleeping naked has its advantages around here.


I drink him in, filling my soul—and my arms—with my love for him.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I have been in the holiday spirit a lot lately. Movies, decorations, books, presents, you name it. This book was perfect for me. Full of sweetness, warm holiday feelings, family, and a lot of love. Fast afternoon read by the fire. Tyler and Chance will melt your heart and make you smile.

There is possibly too much Christmas cuteness in this Christmas addition to Chance and Tyler’s story. The author takes every possible Christmas tradition and throws them all at a relatively short story. The result is the most perfect Christmas ever.

For me, this story pushed well past charming into irritating pretty quickly. There is no conflict in this book at all. Chance and Tyler have a perfect relationship, perfect friends and family members, perfect food, perfect celebrations. The book reads like an X-rated Hallmark Christmas movie.

So. Adorable, cute, sweet, charming, and sexy. This story won’t be for everyone, but it does offer lashings of Christmas cheer and #relationshipgoals. It’s definitely not a post break-up read and not for the cynical of heart. But anyone wanting to vicariously enjoy a perfect festive holiday will enjoy this.



Author Bio

B. Harmony Romance Author

B. HARMONY is a Texas girl with SoCal roots with a penchant for rock music and happily ever afters. She began her journey as a romance author after spending a year as a book blogger and bookstagrammer in the romance community.

She has been writing on and off for years, but it’s taken a bit of “forceful encouragement” to finally press the “publish” button and release the words into the unknown.

B. Harmony lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and two fur babies. She spends her free time drinking too much coffee, swearing, and reading & writing while simultaneously watching baseball.

Connect with B. Harmony

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I have everything that I could ever want in my future with Tyler, and this Christmas, I’m going to prove it to him.

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