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Boy #1: The Wannabe Rock Star by Penny Sixsmith Release Blitz


Cassandra St. John's boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine's Day – after informing her he was cheating on her – so she made a decision. NO MORE BOYFRIENDS. They're only good for one thing, anyway, and she certainly doesn't need to be in a relationship to get it.

From a musician, to her boss, to Mr. Nice Guy, to many more, Cassie quickly discovers that just because you take the relationship out of the sex, it doesn't necessarily make life easier.

Sometimes it makes it much, much harder.

BOY #1 – The Wannabe Rock Star

Getting dumped x Pent-up sexual frustration + The rock god next door = The BEST sex Cassie's ever had, and even better than that? He's not interested in having a relationship anymore than she is, so they reach an agreement – this will be the one-night stand that never ends. Perfect, right?

Except life happens when we least expect it, and the minute Cassie stops looking for love – stops wanting it all together – it comes looking for her.

A light, fast paced, old school, over-the-top romance series packing a sexy punch in a quick read! Oh, those boys ...

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Penny Sixsmith is the pseudonym for Stylo Fantôme writing in the contemporary romance genre. Yes, I can attest that the writing quality and the level of angst is definitely on par with her usual works. No fear there, you're definitely getting what you've come to appreciate.

The reader is instantly hooked, empathizing with getting dumped on Valentine’s Day by a cheater, who comes clean right in the restaurant. That's cold, dude! We want more for Cass, who lives next door to a wall-thumping womanizer. She takes her frustrations out on Micah, using him as a glorified blow-up doll.

Angst. Angst. More Angst between Cass and Micah. Addictively delicious angst that makes the reader frustrated, squeezing the life out of ereaders, because of stupid choices, immature behaviors, wrong things said, and childish emotional maturity.

I couldn't put it down, reading the entire book in one sitting, needing to know what ridiculousness Cass and Micah get up to next. A professional woman is rendered brainless by some good D without much upstairs, if you know what I mean. Both making mistakes, both treating others as disposable, including themselves and each other. Both seemingly deserving the disrespect offered.

I will say, on the train wreck front, Micah won that award hands-down, as the most damaged. His kneejerk reactions were to emotionally torture Cass, making the reader more sympathetic to her plight, because what she was doing to others was more subtle, less loud, less in your face destructive, easier to atone.

Book one featured the Wannabe Rocker, with a small taste of what is to come in book two. Yes, I'd say it was on par with a cliffhanger, because I was frustrated beyond belief when it ended, needing more immediately.

The only thing I didn't like was an added bit of angst near the end. While I loved the emotional gut-punch, what I didn't appreciate was the thought that women are just that stupid. 2 plus 2 equals 4. If someone spoke of someone being in a band, someone being your neighbor, someone with specific attributes, then you accidentally didn't realize they were someone specific. Nah, girl (that goes out to the author). Ain't no woman that stupid, and Cass defending it was even more ridiculous. I could see Micah being that clueless because I actually wonder if he has two brain cells to rub together, but not the other part of the equation. And yeah, I see that setup for future angst a mile away. Obviously I'll ride this out, eager to see where this madness goes, but there was no need for a mugshot for half of the equation to not recognize the other half, if you know what I mean, and I want Cass to get some moxie and realize this too. Nobody gets that much strange without looking exactly like a wall-thumper.

I think book two will be good for Cass, maybe let her brain function for a while.

Truthfully, I do like Cass. I'm not a fan of a nice guy, but Micah will take a lot to be redeemed in my eyes. At this point, I'm not shipping anyone, but that's the point of the series, isn't it?

Can't wait to get my grabby hands on the next installment, and if that ends with another doozy of a cliffhanger, I'll be chomping at the bit for next and the next, until I get to the end.

This is book one of a new series – and I do hope that we get the next one very soon, as the ending definitely leaves me wanting more!

Cass has a horribly noisy (of the wall-banging variety) neighbour, but coming home after being dumped on Valentine's Day, she decides to take advantage of his probable skills. And so starts a crazy, hilarious, and wildly sexy series of hookups. They are both thinking that there could be more, but refuse to admit it to each other, and not that keen even thinking it themselves. Micah really isn't a good bet, so at least Cassie is showing a modicum of good sense!

Roll forward to an event being planned by Cass, at a venue run by a rather desirable and very flirtatious Josh. Older, secure in himself, and clearly attracted to the 'wanting to remain single' Cassie. As the two men in her life turn out to know each other, we know things are going to get even more complex – but the level of angst is pretty perfect, truth be told.

As things unravel even further, there is a twist which I just don't know how Sixsmith will possibly resolve, but that is the joy of reading... finding out just how far one will let an author lead us down a path, only to reveal the trapdoor solution we never saw. I cannot wait!

Boy #1: The Wannabe Rock Star is the first book in the new series, Oh, Those Boys by Penny Sixsmith. Now, I can appreciate angst and bad boys. I can appreciate some hot, sexy scenes. What I do not appreciate is adults acting as children, or acting out in tantrums.

Micah is the next door neighbor from hell, sharing a wall, with Cassie she knows way too much about him. When Cassie's relationship implodes on Valentine's Day, a quick rage "tryst" with her noisy, rude neighbor is just what's prescribed.

I would've preferred the story to end here, but of course, that wouldn't be a story at all. When Cassie works with a gentleman, a genuine nice guy, her attention is drawn to another man and then everything gets messed up!

As per usual, I'm not going to give anything away as that would ruin the story. I will say that I liked Cassie and could feel the indecision warring within. I can't condone her actions, but I can understand her WHY. Micah... all I can say about him is that he NEEDS to grow up and quick. I want to like him, and I do, but also can't stand him. I'm torn.

In conclusion, I do like the characters but don't like their behaviors. I'm hoping book two is a bit more mature, as it contains the nice guy – and he's my pick for her!

Boy #1: The Wannabe Rock Star is the first book in the Oh, Those Boys series. It's so full of angst and the push and pull of does he, does she moments. I found I was so completely invested in these characters. I couldn't put this one down. I had to know what was going to happen.

Coming home after being dumped on Valentine's Day of all days. Cass has absolutely no desire to deal with the loud neighbor she shares a bedroom wall with. Cass has heard multiple times through said wall how talented Micah is. After the day she's had, she has no issues with finding out that it isn't all talk. What was supposed to be a one-night thing turns into a regular hookup. What she isn't expecting is to catch the eye of the sexy event center owner. After a few flirty texts and a celebratory dinner, she's caught in the which man should she invest her time in. The train wreck neighbor she just can't stay away from or the overly sweet divorcee?

I’m dying to get my hands on the next installment!

Author Penny Sixsmith is author Stylo Fantôme writing under a new pen name so she can explore the lighter side of contemporary and erotic romance, while still bringing that unique banter and edge.

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