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Sexy as Sin by Julie Kriss Blog Tour

Second chances burn hotter

The assignment should be a fashion stylist’s dream. Dane Scotland—brilliant programmer, millionaire, partner in my brother’s company—is going to a big-money meeting, and he needs to look the part.

The problem? Dane doesn’t want a makeover. He’s grumpy and reclusive, and his wardrobe consists of two pairs of old jeans. He doesn’t want me anywhere near him.

Did I mention that he’s my brother’s best friend? And that no one knows exactly what Dane and I got up to ten years ago?

The nerd I knew is gone—Dane ditched his glasses and bulked up. Now he’s six-foot-plus of hot genius, but I can be professional. I can definitely keep my hands off him. Again.

But when he looks at me like he used to, like no one else ever has, the only thing I want is to lose control.

Dane and I gave each other our first taste of heartbreak. Are we destined for another round?

Four sexy CEO's get tamed one by one in this hot, emotional series.

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Book 2
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The tailor squawked as Dane pushed him aside, striding toward me in his underwear. He put his hands on the arms of my chair and leaned over me, his eyes on mine. I could see every inch of his naked skin. He glared at me.

“I get it,” he growled. “You’re pushing me. It’s what you do. Are you trying to see how far you can go?”

My voice came out breathy. God, I could smell him. “I’m not doing anything,” I said, and we both knew it was a lie.

“What do you want?” Dane said, thick with frustration. “Do you want me to say I’m sorry?”

My hands went cold and my breath stopped. “Sorry for what?”

“You know what. Sorry for what I did the last time I saw you.”

He thought he had to apologize for that? As if he had done something wrong? Had he thought that all this time? I couldn’t bear the idea. “No,” I told him. “Don’t say you’re sorry for that.”

He still watched me, his voice softening a little. “I’ll say it if you want me to.”

“Don’t,” I choked out. “Don’t.”

A muscle in his jaw twitched, and then he shook his head, backing off. “Can I at least put my clothes on now?”

I didn’t answer, and he didn’t wait for it. He grabbed his clothes and shoes and put them under his arm. “I’m going to dress in the men’s room,” he growled. “I’d like some privacy for a second.”

I still couldn’t speak. Dane walked away, and I downed the rest of the champagne in my glass, gulping it. He thought I wanted him to apologize. That fucking man.

That brilliant, stupid, utterly infuriating man.

I put my heels back on and stood up, looking at the suits and fabrics in the room. Now that the measurements were—mostly—done, I talked to the tailor about cuts, fabrics, and colors. Then my phone rang. Only after I hung up did I realize that Dane hadn’t come out of the bathroom, which was around the corner and down the hall.

“Would you like me to go find him?” the tailor asked politely.

“No need,” I said as suspicion bloomed in my gut. I walked around the corner myself, pushing open the door to the men’s room. “Dane!”

The room was empty.

“Fuck,” I said as the tailor came in after me. I turned to him. “Is there a back door?”

He looked stunned. Most likely, none of his rich clients had ever made an escape while getting measured for a bespoke suit. “At the end of the hall,” he said.

“Fuck,” I said again. I half-ran down the hall, moving as fast as I could in my three-inch heels. I slammed the back door open and saw nothing but parking lot.

Dane was gone.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

I did not read book one but never thought that I was missing anything.

Dane is a geek to his core. He loves his life but is at his happiest when he's writing code at his computer. Dane knows how lucky he is for the life that he's living, but when his partners need him to woo a potential investment, he's not very enthusiastic to change his look or go out for a fancy dinner with the client.

This is where Ava comes in. While she loves what she does, it doesn't pay the bills that well. And because she's not a stick figure and has been in the business a while, she knows that she's losing her ability to really make it in the world of fashion. But when her brother drags her into his scheme to give Dane a makeover, she can't say no. She needs the business.

Dane and Ava have a history that is both sweet and complicated. They have oodles of chemistry, but they also have issues that stem further than their attraction. Watching Ava get Dane to do what is necessary is funny and flirty. I really thought that they complemented each other well. The story was well developed, and I thought that the resolution was perfect for them.

I can't wait for Noah and Emma's story. If it's anything like this one, where the couple was sweet, funny, stubborn, and loving.

Oh this is a really fun read, which ticks many boxes – filthy rich man, second-chance romance, secret first time round as brother's best friend, fashion, tech, nerd turned into Adonis! I picked it up and didn't stop reading until I had finished. It is engaging, cute, sexy, and written in a style which just keeps you reading – be warned!

Ava is sent by her brother from Fashionista heaven New York to the city of their childhood, Chicago, where Dane still lives. Her work as a stylist is drying up, and her blog is now a little dated... she may only have just left her mid-twenties behind, but there are women just out of college chasing her jobs now. So much as she would like to refuse, she needs the commission, as much as owing her brother a favour.

You will love reading about how Ava and Dane first got together, so I will say no more, but I did love that they still thought of each other and when they do now see each other again, the honesty of their first times come back to them. The fact that Dane nerd has become a very handsome, fit guy does not go unnoticed, but his lack of interest in looking fancy for the Japanese businessman is wonderfully frustrating for Ava.

Julie loves reading and writing hot, sexy romances with awesome alpha heroes. Her favorite things are books, coffee, her perfect cat, and her husband, not necessarily in that order. She's a writing addict who is always hard at work on her next steamy romance.

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