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Three Part Harmony by Holley Trent

Sometimes three is deliciously better than two.

Raleigh McKean has borne witness to every conceivable way one person can take advantage of another. He sees it all the time in his job as a book publicist, especially working alongside his boss’s daughter. Everley Shannon would be amazing if she wasn’t such a pain in his ass.

All Raleigh wants is something real. But when the captivating stranger he agrees to go home with turns out to be Bruce Engle, the elusive rock star, it’s a harsh reminder that users are everywhere. Raleigh’s his route to a book deal, nothing more.

What Raleigh doesn’t realize is that the brooding musician is also searching for something real—and it’s possible he’s already found it in Everley’s arms. But is there room in those arms for one more?

With Everley’s own dream of getting out from under her father’s shadow crumbling into chaos, it feels like the perfect time to embrace something new. But when Raleigh’s insatiable attraction to both Everley and Bruce makes it impossible to keep his distance, there’s only one obvious solution… assuming they can learn how to share.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I absolutely loved this book – so much that as soon as I finished it, I got hold of Writing Her In (book #1) and read it straight through too! You could read this as a standalone, as the characters involved are new, but we meet Raleigh and mention of Everley in book one.

All three characters in this book have one very important thing in common – they have pressures on them to perform in a way that satisfies others at a significant cost to themselves. Each of them have dealt with this differently, but in all cases their level of trust in someone engaging with them because they are attracted to them, not because they want something, is zero. Makes it difficult to have a relationship, that's for sure.

Everley, thankfully, breaks the cycle by being the very best friend to Bruce – but even that seems to have an expiration date... oh, three such betrayed people have a lot to cope with when opening up, dealing with each other’s foibles, and having faith. I don't want to say more, as you need to have the goodness revealed as you read.

I cannot begin to tell you just how much I loved this story, and how I stayed up until very, very late, as I just got so involved with this trio of fascinating and deserving of love people. I also love that they are all open to what love can mean, and that gender is not a rational determinant of it.

I completely fell in love with Writing Her In earlier this year and this is a very worthy sequel. I think the characters might be more interesting in this second book, but it doesn’t quite have the explosive sexual tension that the first book did. This is the story of Raleigh (Stacia’s editor) and the two people he finds himself reluctantly drawn to.

Everley is my favourite character in this story. We first see her through Raleigh’s eyes as a cold and ruthlessly ambitious woman whose career has been buoyed by blatant nepotism. And then we get her perspective. Everley is lonely, isolated, and slowly dying inside as she attempts to live up to her father’s expectations. I love Everley’s journey and the growth in her character.

Bruce is fascinating and enigmatic, but I struggle with him as a romantic lead. It’s because of Bruce that the triad relationship makes sense – while they love him, Raleigh and Everley both need more than Bruce can sometimes give. I love that the author has included a character who isn’t neurotypical and I love that neither Raleigh nor Everley attempt to change him.

I found Raleigh extremely annoying in Stacia’s book, but I loved him here. He isn’t quite as smooth, quite as pushy, or quite as confident in his own book. I love that he’s human and raw at times and I love his difficult past.

I love all three characters, but I didn’t engage as well with their relationships as I did with the first book. This feels like a lower heat read and the large gaps of time between characters connecting and reconnecting doesn’t do much to build or sustain sexual tension. The story feels slightly fractured in places as two of the three characters connect and the other is excluded. While there are a few too many long and slow passages in the middle of the book, the story races to the end. For me, things are wrapped up too neatly and too quickly.

I have really loved Holley Trent’s writing in both these books. Her use of language is beautiful, and her characters feel wonderfully human. These are sexy stories that feel more like real life poly relationships than the titillating ménage so common in erotic fiction writing. I can’t wait for more from this author.

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Holley Trent is an award-winning author of dozens of diverse romances that feature down-to-earth characters who often have out-of-this-world problems. She currently resides on the Colorado Front Range with her husband, two kids and two dieting cats.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Three Part Harmony (Plot Twist #2) by Holley Trent to read and review.

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