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Mad About Moon by Melissa Foster Blog Tour

Can true love strike twice in one lifetime?

Josie Beckley refuses to believe there is a limit on happiness. A decade after she escaped her abusive parents and lost touch with her siblings, the death of her husband leaves her and her son homeless. But Josie has never been one to wallow in sadness, and when she takes a chance on reconnecting with her siblings, a sinfully handsome bright light from her past shows up and offers to help her find a way out of the darkness.

Most people wouldn't see Jed Moon as someone to look up to. He's been in and out of jail and has lived a less-than-stellar lifestyle. But years ago one woman saw through his bullshit, and he's never forgotten her. Now she's back in his life, and as a prospect for the Dark Knights motorcycle club, Jed promises to keep an eye on the sassy, sexy single mother who has never stopped lighting his fantasies on fire.

Jed and Josie's combustible connection is stronger than ever. Having Josie and her son in his life brings out all of Jed's protective instincts-and visions of a future he never imagined having. But when a shocking revelation knocks the insatiable lovers to their knees, it forces them to make choices that could change their lives forever.

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As she drove away, she decided to surprise Jed with lunch. He’d done so much for her, and she was too excited to just go back to the shelter. She stopped at Jazzy Joe’s café and picked up sandwiches for her and Jed and a cookie for Hail, which she’d give him after school. Then she drove over to the auto shop to surprise Jed.

When she arrived at the shop, she realized she probably should have called first. They were busy, and she had no idea if Jed even took a lunch break, much less if he was working there or at the bar today. She scanned the open bays, but didn’t see Jed. She spotted jeans-clad legs sticking out from beneath a car in the first bay, so she headed over with the bag from Jazzy Joe’s.

Truman slid out from beneath the car as she approached. “Hey, Josie. Looking for Jed?”

“Yeah. I thought I’d bring him lunch. I won’t stay or get in the way.”

“No worries.” He pushed to his feet and pointed to a set of steps by the office. “He’s up in his apartment. He’s not working at the bar until three. Go on up. I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.”

“Thanks.” She headed for the steps and saw Tex peering at an engine beneath the hood of a car. “Hi,” she said as she walked by.

“Hi. Josie, right?”

Big Mama, the big calico cat she’d seen at the bonfire, wound around her legs. She leaned down to pet her. “Yes. Good to see you again.”

“That was some party, huh?”

“It was fun. I’m just going up to see Moon—Jed.”

Tex winked. “Have fun.”

As she climbed the steps she played over that wink, wondering if Tex was used to women going up to Jed’s apartment in the middle of the day. On the landing at the top of the stairs she knocked on the door, trying to ignore the swirling in her stomach. She waited for what felt like forever, but in reality was probably only a minute, and then she knocked again. She heard him say something that sounded like come in, so she turned the knob and peered around the door, quickly scanning the masculine loft-style apartment. Worn hardwood floors ran beneath a deep-cushioned brown couch, an orange chair, and a heavy wooden coffee table. There was a small open kitchen and glass doors that led to a deck.

“Moon?” she called out.

“In here,” came from behind a partially open door.

She closed the door behind her, and as she crossed the room, she said, “I just got done with Scotty and—”

He pulled open the door and she lost her voice. His hair was wet and tousled, his bare chest slick from a shower, and sweet baby Jesus, he was naked, save for a towel tied low on his hips.

“And…?” he asked as he stepped toward her.

She tried to speak, but her mouth had gone bone dry. A devilish grin spread across his face.

There he is. My big bad wolf.

And that wasn’t all that was big about him.

Her gaze dropped to the significant bump in the towel. Heat whipped through her like a torrential storm, bullying its way through her core, up her chest, and down her limbs. Her sex clenched, and her nipples burned. He lifted her chin, and that flirtatious smile morphed to sinfully enticing hunger.

“And…?” he whispered against her lips, drawing a needy whimper from her lungs. “Did you miss me, Little Red?”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Josie has hit rock bottom. After her husband died and she lost everything, she is trying to make the best of things for her and her young son living in a shelter. She wants to reunite with her siblings, but she is scared they hate her. All she needs to do is find a job, move out of the shelter, and make amends, and life would be so much better. When she finally gets the nerve to visit her sister, she is surprised to see Moon there. A man she met years ago and has never forgotten.

Jed "Moon" can't believe his eyes, his Jojo is here. Or at least he thinks it's Jojo. He has to find out and find out where she has been all these years. He wants to make sure she is okay, protect her if someone is after her and her son. And he wants her back in his life.

Josie and Moon still have the sparks and chemistry they had all those years ago when they spent the night together and the sizzle doesn't seem to be dying down any. When Moon learns Josie lost her husband, he wants to be there for her and help her. He gets her a job interview with a friend, introduces her to the Whiskeys, and makes sure she has time to spend with her brother and sister. As Josie, Hail, and Moon spend more and more time together, their love grows and grows.

Can Moon let Josie be what she needs and still not lose who she is? Will Josie accept all Moon can offer her and Hail? Will Hail accept Moon into his life?

I love the Whiskey family and those close to them. Moon, Josie, and Hail fit right in and have all they need. If you haven't read anything by Melissa Foster, start with this series, each book is about a different couple and worth reading them all. And Foster is worth reading any of her books. I hope you give this one a chance and love it as much as I have.

This is the fifth book in the series – and really I would recommend that you indulge in the whole goodness, and don't dip in here first... but it is a fabulous story which will just have you going back to the beginning anyway! I didn't have time to reread the previous books, but still remembered enough to love watching this beautiful romance unfold.

Before I say more, I should suggest that you ensure you have a tissue to hand, and maybe consider reading this somewhere private – you would not want to be in a public place when the enormity of this hits you! Melissa Foster is incredibly talented at pulling at the heartstrings and making one tear up, so be warned!

Josie, Jed, and Hail... a nascent family which we can see as being the right way forward from very early on in this lovely book – but obviously, nothing is quite that simple. Josie's still finding her way after her husband's death, but as the Whiskey clan close in to support her and her son, suddenly there is light in her future. Jed is a significant contributor to her positivity, but finding the strength to reconnect with her siblings is something that she knows she needs to do.

I loved that there were plenty of community events, so that we get to catch up with the rest of the Whiskey family. How Josie finds a closeness with her sister, and also Crystal, Dixie, et al., finally releasing the darkness from her past. We also get some foreshadowing of who will be in line next to get their chance at a happily ever after.

Another beautiful story, thank you, Melissa Foster. (Even if I did need tissues!)

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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