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The Trouble with Bachelors by Caitlyn Blue Release Blast

Falling for her sister's first love, how could that possibly go wrong...

Zach Thorne is supposed to be off limits. He’s her sister’s high school boyfriend and his love life is a revolving door of women. He’s also handsome, sexy and the one guy Emma Callahan has never been able to forget.

Now they’ve been thrown together as best man and maid of honor for her sister’s wedding and some serious sparks are flying. Zach is perfect wedding fling material until he starts to take their romance seriously. Now, Emma is left wondering: is he for real or is she about to get her heart broken?

The trouble with bachelors is you never know.

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“This was fun,” I murmur as his fingers coast over my cheek.

He tucks a lock of hair behind my ears and traces my jaw. It’s been a year since a man has touched me. And no one has ever caressed me like this. It’s like he’s trying to memorize my features. I’m enthralled. It’s hard to know what to do next, so I clutch my hands in my lap and stare at him. His eyes lock on my lips and I realize I’ve seized the lower one between my teeth.

His breath hisses out on a soft sigh. “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

“No.” It’s not the default word anyone uses when describing me.

“You are.”

How many women has he used this line on? Hundreds surely. He’s a player. A guy you sleep with not someone you date.

At the moment I’m standing at the line that separates the woman I am and the woman guys like Zach sleep with a few times and never call again. I can listen to my body and have several amazing orgasms to relive over and over, or I can listen to my heart, stay true to who I am and keep looking for a guy who can make me happy long term.

His fingers curve around the back of my neck. As he draws me forward, I ask, “Are you going to kiss me again?”

“I’d very much like to.”

This time his kiss is more direct. Firm and determined, he claims my lips and as his tongue darts forward, I open for him. He tastes like the striped peppermint candy we snagged on our way out of the restaurant.

The kiss quickly goes nova. Heat explodes in my midsection and lances downward as Zach’s hand curves over my knee. I clutch his shoulder, trembling with longing. Phrases spill through my mind. Naughty things I’d want to say to him. Images of taking him into my mouth again and making him cry out my name as he comes. I’ve forgotten that I’m not the type who has sex in cars. Right now, all I’m thinking is: yes, please, let’s do this.

Our tongues are dueling, my legs are parting and Zach’s hand is riding up my inner thigh when the phone in my lap buzzes with an incoming text. It’s close enough to my happy place that the vibration only adds to my arousal. I moan. Zach drags his lips from mine.

“That’s it, baby. Let me hear it.”

As his other hand dips inside my coat, fingers gliding over my breast, it’s easy to moan again. Damn, he’s good at this. Trembling with need, I bite my lip as the urge to whimper builds. I shift my hips as my clit perks up and starts crying for attention. If he doesn’t touch me there I’ll go out of my mind.

A second text follows the first or maybe it’s just that reminder that I haven’t looked at the first one. Either way, it feels great. So does Zach’s mouth on my neck. And is that his teeth? I open my thighs, silently begging him to go higher. He’s so close. I’m so close.


I’m panting. He’s sucking on my earlobe. Shit. That’s amazing. His thumb grazes my nipple.


The hand beneath my skirt reaches the elastic on my panties and I shift my hips, pushing into his fingers. Can he feel how wet I am? A little higher, please.


The vibration is so constant it’s like a sex toy and I’m so close to getting off. Just a little bit more. His finger brushes over the soaked crotch my panties. The lightest of touch and my body is electrified.

“Fuck,” he mutters, tracing over my hot, aching core a second time. “These are soaked.”

A garbled noise emerges from my throat.


And then Zach’s fingers are retreating and I groan in protest. “Um, do you need to get that?” Get what?


“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I exclaim as Zach removes his lovely, clever hands from beneath my clothes.

He flops back against his seat with a hearty curse. Eyes closed, breathing hard, he shields his face as his shoulders move. Damn the man. He’s laughing.

Snarling, I pick up the phone and see at least a dozen texts from my cousins. Looking over at the house, I spy all three of them lined up at the living room windows. Well, what did I expect? I’m making out with Zach in front of our house. I might as well have set up a neon sign on the front lawn that says orgasms happening here. Almost happening…so close. A growl vibrates my chest.

“Your cousins?”


Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
3.5 stars
M/F Romance

Emma and Zach are essentially thrown together when Emma's sister and Zach's best friend get married. Emma is the Maid of Honor and Zach is the Best Man. They have known each other since they were in middle school/junior high and Emma used to have a major crush on Zach. However, Zach ended up dating Emma's sister, which in turn, caused Emma to lose hope.

Years later, Emma is still attracted to Zach, but this time, in return, Zach finally sees Emma as a woman and not his ex-girlfriend's sister. She is funny, driven, holding down her family store, but has larger dreams.

Zach is the typical playboy. He is a serial dater, never settling down. When he was younger, despite dating Emma's sister, he knew or at least figured out that his best friend had the hots for his then girlfriend... so he did the honorable thing and bowed out. However, the manner in which he bowed out... not so graceful.

While Zach and Emma are planning a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, a friends with benefits relationship starts, but each character develops their own idea as to how the relationship will eventually end.

Old insecurities flare up, past indiscretions arise, miscommunications occur, and eventually, a heartfelt reconciliation occurs. This was a sweet story of second chance love and the secondary characters made the story both hilarious and frustrating. I can't wait to see who gets the next story, but I do hope that Emma's sister develops in to a different person as I found her incredibly hard to like.

I think this would have been a more successful story had the writing been more clear. Several times I had to go back in order to figure out if we were in the past or present. Paragraphs seemed to end abruptly, but when I went back, it usually meant that there should have been some sort of break to show the reader that a change happened, but it just wasn't clear.

This is the start of a new series, and I think it will be a hit! Inevitably there is the need for some scene setting, but it is done totally in context and just whets the appetite for future stories.

What I think was particularly effective was the blend of funny, sexy, and slightly crazy! The sister about to get married, Julie, does not come off well in my opinion, but there is time for her to redeem herself. The cousins though, are just fab, as is Emma's Ma.

As we get to know Zach and Emma through the chapters written from their points of view, we get the sense of who they are and just how good they might be together. It takes Emma a little longer to believe that her crush aged 16 is possibly a good guy after all. The adventures they have along the way are by turns highly amusing and really rather intense.

Looking forward to future developments, and catching up with this couple. Thank you Ms. Blue.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Emma had a crush on Zach a long time ago, even after he started dating her sister, Julie. When Zach cheated on Julie right before Prom, she realized that he didn't deserve the pedestal she had him on.

Zach has shied away from permanent relationships since his parents’ marriage imploded. He's seen the devastation that kind of heartache brings and he doesn't want to face it again. But when he sees Emma at the engagement party of her sister and his best friend, he can't help but wonder, what if?

Emma knows Zach's reputation and isn't eager to get involved with him. What she doesn't realize is that Zach is ready for a relationship, with her.

The drama that Emma's family brings to the story furthers the romance as well as throw in a few roadblocks along the way. All in all, a nice read.

Caitlyn Blue is a voracious reader with an overactive imagination and a chocolate addict. She loves fancy cocktails and tasty edibles, is a sucker for adventure movies and any music with a beat. When not writing, Caitlyn loves to connect with her readers for whom she's extremely grateful. Join her VIP list to stay up to date on giveaways and exclusive offers.

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