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Kicking it in Vegas by Riley Long Instagram Tour

Release Tour. Riley Long’s Kicking it in Vegas.

I woke up in Vegas with a hangover and a ring on my finger.

At my last recollection, the bachelor party was off to a great start. During dinner I met sexy celebrity Chef Oliver who was far more intriguing than his surly public persona let on.

Afterwards, my buddies and I set out to bar-hop at some of Sin City’s biggest hot spots. To my surprise, I ran into Oliver again as he was unwinding by tossing back drinks at a bar. What followed was a hot night of dancing and drinking… and a very confusing morning.

Not only did we spend the night together, we got married. Oliver is quick to suggest divorce, but I’m not ready to give up so easily. We may be opposites in every way imaginable, but there’s a chemistry between us I can’t deny or ignore.

Can I convince Oliver to give our unlikely romance a chance? Or will what happened in Vegas end in Vegas?

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Kicking it in Vegas by Riley Long

Book 2
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I waved the bartender down, a skinny blond twink who looked like he would have been better suited to dancing on the bar than staffing it, and ordered a Bahama Mama. A moment later, a familiar voice rang in my ears, low and husky.

“Long night?”

I looked up, startled. Seated next to me was Oliver. Sexy, straitlaced Oliver, with his dark hair and scruffy beard and gray eyes. He was wearing a clingy white t-shirt and black jeans, and damned if the guys weren’t right. He did have washboard abs, if the rippling muscles under his thin cotton shirt were to be believed. “What are you doing here?” I glanced around to see if he was with someone, but I didn’t see anyone else. Just Chef Oliver.

Oliver chuckled, his tone rich and luxurious, sending waves of desire through me. He leaned in as he spoke. “Decided to take the night off early. See, I had a really challenging client tonight and after he left, I figured I deserved a few drinks and a little relaxation.” He took a sip of his drink and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh yeah?” The flirtation in his words was clear. “I had a rough night, too. I had to plan a party and there was a lot of pressure to make everything perfect. I had to deal with this hot-tempered celebrity chef. Luckily, the chef turned out to be outstanding. Provided great customer service. Really top-notch.” The bartender slid my drink to me and I nodded in thanks before taking a sip.

A moment later, Oliver twisted on his barstool to face me, leaning even closer. “I’m glad he took good care of you.”

I shivered, my nipples hardening under my shirt and my cock following suit. I was still wearing the white button-down and blue slacks I’d gone to Hidden Cove in, but the tie had long since been loosened and draped around my neck, and I hoped both the slacks and the shirt disguised my arousal. With a nod, I grinned at him. “He did. He took really good care of me.” Oliver’s tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip and my throat tightened with desire. Before he could speak again, I blurted out a request. “Dance with me?”



I woke up in Vegas with a hangover and a ring on my finger.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I read the first book in the series but this one could be read as a standalone with no problem. It was a fast read, only took two hours to finish. It was predictable, as this plot usually is. I loved Oliver from the start, reminded me of a famous chef we all see on TV. Cam I couldn't connect with for some reason. Cam kept calling to make sure things were perfect with the dinner but he's a go with the flow guy and that didn't match anything else about him, especially his actions after the dinner. I loved watching Oliver change, and I liked that I finished it so fast, just wish Cam would have connected with me and the plot wasn't so predictable.

3.5 stars of hot fun

This is the second book in the series and follows on from the previous one, but as it involves a new pairing, it could be read as a standalone too.

Cam is organising the Vegas bachelor party and wants it to be perfect, including a very swanky dinner – resulting in him contacting the chef, Oliver, multiple times. When they meet, the chemistry, which probably made him keep calling, is definitely evident. When they find themselves in the same bar... well the rest is Vegas history!

As they then have to decide how to deal with the situation, we are sure that the stars are aligning, and have to hope that they get that too.

This is a light and quick read which was fun and highly enjoyable due to its familiar storyline being done well.



I waved the bartender down… and ordered a Bahama Mama. A moment later, a familiar voice rang in my ears, low and husky. “Long night?” I looked up, startled. Seated next to me was Oliver. Sexy, straitlaced Oliver.


Author Bio

Riley Long. Male Male Romance.

Riley Long is an author of gay romances novels spanning many genres from contemporary to paranormal. They live a quiet life in Virginia, with their husband, son, and two very silly pit bulls.

They spend their evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television).

For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs.

They like things with silly acronyms.

Riley can tell you two different stories about getting covered in in dairy products for a hug.

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Grant pressed a palm to his face and slid it down. “What the fuck did you do last night?”     I held up my left hand, which still had the ring on it, and wiggled my fingers. “Looks like I got married.”


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