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Right Guy, Wrong Word by Jewel E. Ann Release Blitz

Right Guy, Wrong Word. Available Now. Kindle Unlimited.

Do books have souls?

Anna Black has the perfect novel choice for her book club. She also has a sexy new neighbor who jumps at the opportunity to join fellow bookworms in discussing her pick for their summer read.

It’s lust at first sight and the marriage of two literary souls.

The charismatic owner of a new T-shirt store in Des Moines’s East Village, Eric Steinmann, has a confident air and an irresistible “mating dance.” He’s almost perfect… until he says the wrong word.

Will Anna and Eric write their own story? Or will their chemistry die when fiction turns into reality?

Author’s Note: Right Guy, Wrong Word was originally written as a short story, The Last Person. It’s been revised with significant changes to the original content and extended into a full-length novel.


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Right Guy, Wrong Word by Jewel E. Ann

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Promise me you’ll always make me work for it.     Work for what?     You.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Right Guy, Wrong Word is a previous short story expanded into a full-length novel.

Sweet. Lighthearted. Banterific. Humorous. A quick and light afternoon or weekend read. A perfect summer read with a Hallmark Movie vibe (that's a good thing) Meet Cute embarrassment.

Eric is Anna's new neighbor, joining them for book club. He totally trashes Anna's Book of the Month pick. I do have to agree with Eric when it comes to over-description and show vs tell. Otherwise, Eric comes off as pretentious.

Loads and loads of banter, where in the right mood, it comes off as humorous and delightful. In the wrong mood, it could get annoying fast. A little forced if not in the right mindset.

Push-pull. Anna is vibing with Eric but equally annoyed at him. So was this reader. Eric got beneath my skin but not necessarily in a good way and I was in the Hallmark Movie mindset.

I enjoyed the banter, the book chatter, and the mating dance between Eric and Anna.

A delightful afternoon read.

This is a story which started life as a short story and has been expanded – I am very grateful that this is the case, as it is a good read!

In a way the title says it all, Anna meets this super hot guy, Eric, who has just moved in her block and invites him to her book club. He then proceeds to say that he disliked the book and shatters her dreams... although he doesn't understand just how she can be so set on not giving them a chance because of one differing opinion.

As the reason is revealed – in a most unexpected way – it seems like even the attraction has been severed by that discovery. Life moves on and we then move forward a number of years and fate brings them back together again. Anna has moved on, but still in her heart holds the view that her shattered dream was due to him, rather than the book itself.

What is clever here is that we know that they have a connection which is holding them back, and yet they are busy with life, and it is easier to ignore it and move on. We may even know that feeling, and that little niggle in the back of our minds as to whether that really was a sensible decision. That tension keeps the level of engagement and need to turn the pages high. I raced through to find out just what did happen in the end, and how that traumatic revelation at a book club changed the future of two people hugely attracted to each other.



Author Bio

JEWEL E. ANN is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author with a quirky sense of humor. When she's not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge-watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind-bending romance.

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