Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Chick Magnet by Emma Barry

Late-night confessions lead to backyard shenanigans. Is this the start of a neighborly relationship… or could something more be hatching?

From Emma Barry comes a clever romance about a hot veterinarian and a chicken-loving influencer who can’t help but ruffle each other’s feathers.

Nicole Jones needs a fresh start. “Chick Nic” to millions of internet fans, the social media star and her flock of chickens bask in the spotlight—until she’s publicly dumped by a YouTuber for clout. She has no choice but to round up her birds and move on.

But when one of her hens has an emergency, Nic gets her first taste of her new stomping grounds—and it isn’t good. Veterinarian Will Lund is wildly attractive, yes, but he’s also surly. In fact, he comes right out and calls her a menace for parading her chickens on social media.

As neighbors, Nic and Will can’t exactly avoid each other. Then again, maybe they don’t want to. The two can’t deny their smoldering attraction, and it isn’t long before late-night confessions lead to backyard shenanigans.

Is this the start of a neighborly relationship—or could something more be hatching?


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Chick Magnet by Emma Barry

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Nic Jones is a YouTube star who shares her love of chickens with the world. She moves to a small town after a very public break up. She quickly meets hot neighbour Will, who also happens to be the local vet. The first scene in this book, where they meet while trying to catch an escaped chicken, was so fun that I knew I was going to love this story.

The chemistry between Nic and Will was hot but not over the top. It felt natural. The anticipation of ‘will they or won’t they’ was tantalising. While there is a lot of fun and flirting in this story, it also has a bit of a more serious side too. Nic is starting her life over again and trying not to repeat the mistakes of her past, while Will is dealing with a failing business.

Chick Magnet was an absolute delight to read. I loved the maturity of this romance and right from the start, Will and Nic felt like they were just meant to be together. I am pleased to say Chick Magnet is my first five-star read for 2023..

I found this story funny and sad, the funny parts outweigh the sad but you have to have the sad to make the story work.

Nicole Jones, "Chick Nic" as she is known on YouTube, needed to get away from her life. So she takes her chickens and moves to the small town that her grandmother was from. Needless to say, she bought a house next door to the local vet, and he is not happy.

Will Lund is the local vet and he knows all about Chick Nic and her way of telling people how to raise chickens, most of the time she knows what she is talking about. But when she has an emergency, Will can't refuse to help her.

As Nic and Will try to stay away from each other, things keep pushing them together. They can't deny the attraction and maybe they don't want to. Is there something going on or will it be over before it starts?

I found that I really liked this story, but it seemed to drag along at times. As I said, it was funny, sad, cute, original, and catchy. So if you are looking for something funny and cute with a swoony vet, then you should read this one. This is a first for me from this author and I look forward to reading more from her.



Author Bio

EMMA BARRY is a teacher, novelist, recovering academic, and former political staffer. She lives with her high school sweetheart and a menagerie of pets and children in Virginia, and she occasionally finds time to read and write.

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