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The Outlaw by Jennifer Millikin Release Blitz

Someone else can be the nice guy. I intend to steal her heart. The Outlaw by Jennifer Millikin. Available Now.

Bestselling author Jennifer Millikin delivers an emotional small-town romance about a misunderstood man and the woman who can set him free.

There’s a thin line between being a hero and a villain, and I’m well aware I walk right down the middle of it. My reputation precedes me, even when I’m making a bad choice for the right reason. This is how I wind up in the back of a police car late one night.

My infamous last name keeps my record clean, with a single caveat: community service at a ranch recently purchased by Jo Shelton. I think I’d rather go to jail than serve time with the woman who has made it clear she can’t stand me, even though we used to be friends.

Despite the tense atmosphere and how she keeps me at arms’ length, I show up every day, ready to work. Quickly I learn a valuable lesson: while it’s difficult being around someone I don’t like, it’s far more difficult being around someone I find myself intensely attracted to, but cannot have.

Because Jo, the woman who's driving me crazy with her quiet strength and beautiful face, is in a relationship. With a man who, I’d like to point out, is not out there getting his hands dirty on his girlfriend’s ranch. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m currently in possession of Jo’s time and attention.

One day, the unexpected happens. Her blue eyes pierce my callused exterior, seeing deep down into a wound I work hard to hide. It’s in this moment, and so many that follow, that I become certain there’s no hope left for me. I’m in love with Jo, and I’m desperate to show her I’m someone worthy of her love in return.

Lucky for me, nobody rises to the occasion quite like an outlaw.

Author's Note: The Hayden Family series is standalone, but for maximum enjoyment it is recommended they are read starting with book one.

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The Outlaw by Jennifer Millikin

Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Outlaw is the third installment in the Hayden Family series. Each book is listed as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading them in order as the author wrote them. It just makes this family that much better when you get the whole story.

Wyatt Hayden is the black sheep of the Hayden family. He loves his family and the ranch he grew up on, but it isn't his life. He is a complete disappointment in his father’s eyes. He's the polar opposite of both his brothers but that doesn't make him a bad man, just completely misunderstood.

There’s a thin line between being a hero and a villain, and I’m well aware I walk right down the middle of it.

Wyatt knows people think he's sleeping with his best friend’s wife, but that isn't the case at all. He does what he needs to do as a friend and lets the rumors fly around town. If they want to gossip about him that's their issue, even if it makes his father look at him in a bad light. After getting into a bit of trouble, he's required to do community service at the former Circle B Ranch, and let's just say the owner, Jo, is far from happy about it.

Jo and Wyatt have a past. They went to high school together and one crazy night, with alcohol involved, Jo regrets everything and Wyatt doesn't even remember her or what happened that night. Jo holds a grudge, but those sexy blue eyes have a way to see straight to Jo's heart and what she needs. The baggage Jo carries is heavy, but she finally realizes Wyatt is a man of his word and will help her navigate the past,

I loved watching these two come together. Jo letting her guard down and Wyatt opening up about where he goes and what he does for the people of that small town. Their chemistry is chart topping and Wyatt gives Warner and Wes a run for their money in the swoon department!

Definitely a must read if you love a good cowboy family – but in order!!!



Author Bio

JENNIFER MILLIKIN is a best-selling contemporary romance and women's fiction author. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, two children, and Liberty, her Lab who thinks she's human. Jennifer loves to cook, practice yoga, and believes chips and salsa should be a food group.

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I don’t do well with losing Jo. As if I ever had her to begin with. The Outlaw by Jennifer Millikin. Available Now. Read free with Kindle Unlimited.


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