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Dark Queen by Ker Dukey Release Blitz

Dark Queen. Queen beats King, always. Ker Dukey. Release Blitz hosted by Candi Kane PR.

He was my boss.

Rich, ambitious, dominating.

I was a waitress, struggling to pay the fees for ballet school.

Poor, talented, desperate.

He needed to marry to appease his dying father, to inherit the family empire.

It wasn’t supposed to be real, or forever.

Until he changed the rules.

What Mafia king Luca Leto wants, he gets, and he’s crowned his queen.


I’m under his rule now.

And his reign is cruel and toxic.

They call him the dark king and to gain my freedom I’m going to have to become a dark queen.


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Dark Queen by Ker Dukey

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book is a fast-paced, wide-open, rollercoaster ride that will have you hanging on for dear life until the very end.

Alyssa only wants to be accepted into the ballet school so she doesn't have to go back to her life. When she literally runs into the most beautiful man she has ever seen, her body is on high alert. She is drawn to him, but he is mean and rude to her. She is tired of letting people run over her, she has decided to stand up for herself if she will ever get anywhere in life. What she doesn't realize is, the man she met is her new boss. He is not a nice person, and people call him the dark king.

When Luca Leto bumps into the little ballerina, she sets his skin and his soul on fire. He wants her and Luca gets what he wants. When she talks back to him, it only makes him want her more. The sparks between them will almost set a Kindle on fire. They both like things dirty and a little rough, they are perfect for each other.

I was not expecting things to happen as they did in the end, but it was a shocking surprise. Once I started reading, I didn't want to put it down and surely didn't want it to end. I am hoping there will be more to Alyssa and Luca's story.

I don't often read dark romance, but the author and the promise of a ballerina drew me in. I was not disappointed. It was passionate, harsh, violent, and yet also poised exquisitely on the parallel dangers of the world of ballet and of the street.

Alyssa, we find out quite early on, is not just the sad young farm girl who lost her mother; no, she harbours violence and masochism in her – possibly not a surprise given the pain inflicted by her chosen profession. Any ideas that ballet is not intense are dispelled pretty speedily. It makes the fact that she is drawn to Luca Leto, de facto head of the family business, not as frightening as it might otherwise be.

As she keeps attracting his intention, Luca's world is getting ever more complicated due to murders of women around him – and his interest in Alyssa could prove fatal. Again balancing on a knife edge, much like a dancer on pointe, he has to decide head or heart – even if he never really believed he had a heart.

Whilst every romance reader will know that even in a dark story there will a satisfying ending, there is plenty of tension. as well as relationship building along the way. This is a satisfying read and we are left in a good place by the end.

After a slow start, boy did Dark Queen hit all the right buttons for me.

Alyssa’s upbringing was terrible. Her mother was a dance mom from hell, always saying she wasn't good enough. Her best friend was in love with her and takes advantage of her guilt over her mother's death. The audition to the elite Swan school is her out to leave this world behind.

Luca knows death. It's been following him for years and when it hits close to home, he knows it's personal. When he unexpectedly runs into Alyssa, he's not expecting or wanting the spark between them. But after being thrown together again and again, the smart mouthed dancer is everything he's ever wanted.

I loved how even though Luca was this powerful, scary man, Alyssa was able to hold her own against him. They were explosive once they were together. I especially enjoyed the suspenseful dark nature of Dark Queen.

Dark Queen was not what I was expecting, but it was a nice diversion for a few hours!

Luca Leto is the head of a prominent crime family, and dealing with his mother's murder. He's keeping his family grounded while running the family businesses. Not only that, but as we are introduced to him, he's just been informed that his employee/sometime-lover has also been gruesomely murdered.

Alyssa is a small-town girl trying to make her dreams come true by attending the prestigious Swan School of Dance. Leaving everything behind, she travels far away from the farm and the memories of her recently deceased mother.

This was a quick read, and it was entertaining, but I didn't really feel the initial connection between Luca and Alyssa. Having said that, they are explosive once you get past the slight lack of chemistry to start.

This story took a little while to gain traction, but once it does – hold on!

I loved Alyssa's feistiness, her confidence, and that she wouldn't back down. She really is the dark queen, but this queen is only as powerful as her king.



Author Bio

KER DUKEY is an international bestselling author based in the United Kingdom.

Genres include: Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense,
Mafia Romance, MC Romance, and more. With over forty titles published, her books have held multiple #1 bestseller banners, have had rights sold to numerous countries, translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks.

In addition to being an author, Ker is an annoying wife and a mother of three children + one dog (who thinks he's human). She has a passion for reading and binge-watching crime documentaries.

Connect with Ker

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Facebook Group: Dukey's darKER souls



“You’re how villains are made, little ballerina,” I growl. “Tempting fate, wanting to play with the wicked. I am the wicked.”


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