Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Lonely Dad's Guide to Love by Reanna Pryce

Alex has been a single father to his son Dexter since his ex-girlfriend walked out and left him, quite literally, holding the baby. Just twenty-two and struggling to make ends meet, nothing means more to Alex than his son. Not even falling in love with Daniel, the handsome preschool teacher at Dexter’s daycare.

Danny seems to adore Dexter just as much as he adores Alex, but the threats from Alex's past make it impossible for them to be together. Luckily, Danny specializes in impossible situations. He'll do whatever it takes to give the three of them a chance to finally be a family... But will that be enough?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Alex is a single dad. His son, Dexter, lives with him most of the time, only seeing his mom every other weekend. Alex has done everything he can to raise his son. He's given up school, works two jobs, and he's barely making ends meet, but he doesn't care, it's what he has to do for Dexter. He's also given up part of who he is. He's bisexual and Dexter's mother is holding that against him, saying she will take Dexter away if he is with a man. He's a good dad and he deserves to be happy too, right?

When he enrolls Dexter in a daycare so he can work during the day, he meets a few other dads and Danny, one of the instructors. Danny isn't anything like he expects him to be but there is an attraction there he can't deny. Is he willing to lose his son to be happy? Can he make it all work, or will it blow up in his face?

I really like the premise of this story. It did at times have me laughing and brought tears to my eyes at others. The reason for my three-star rating is the confusing writing that would completely pull me out of the story to re-read sentences or paragraphs. It did become very distracting at times.

This book was really hard for me to get through. I found myself bored at times and just wanting the story to be done with. Alex should have just been upfront with Danny from day one and half the drama wouldn't have happened that did happen. Alex's ex, Becca, is a huge shrew and she lives up to that too, definitely not a character that will get any love. Dexter is such a great addition to the story, what a little cutie. I am sure some will love this book but for me, I was just frustrated at all the drama and whatnot. Plus, Alex sometimes came off as an idiot and I know he wasn't.

I have to say that this book really didn’t work for me. It’s way too cute, way too domestic, and the central conflict didn’t make any sense at all to me.

As a disclaimer, I usually avoid romances involving babies, but I liked the idea of Alex as a struggling musician. But we don't get much of musician Alex in this book and quite honestly, I probably shouldn’t have requested this one. Readers who love babies and sexy, child-centred men will probably swoon over the gorgeous daycare worker and the very young single father.

Regardless of my reading preferences, the cute dad and the sexy daycare worker are the highlight of the story. I couldn’t engage with the fantastical storyline around Alex’s ex-girlfriend. I still don’t understand why Danny was babysitting for free. And the baby scenes were pretty tedious. The writing is choppy enough that I found myself distracted a few times. This wasn’t a great fit for me – I hope other readers enjoy it more.

When she’s not reading or writing steamy romantic fiction, you can find Reanna bouncing between swimming, boy scouts and book club. She’s living her very own happily ever after in the north-east of England with her husband, two (mostly) adorable boys and a collection of pets she did not ask for.

A writer of romantic fiction for fifteen years, Reanna writes strong, compelling characters who stay with you long after you turn the last page. From the glamour of the music industry to at-home single dads, no plot goes unexplored once her muse takes hold.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Lonely Dad's Guide to Love (Sex and the Single Dad #1) by Reanna Pryce to read and review.

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