Thursday, January 31, 2019

Place Setting by Claudia Mayrant

Cameron Dunlop has lived in the Lowcountry town of Summer Corners, South Carolina, his whole life. He loves his home, but his little town in the Deep South doesn’t offer much in the way of dating options.

Chef Gray Callahan has enjoyed success in the kitchen, but his last relationship sunk like a bad soufflé. When plans for his sister’s wedding go awry, it provides the perfect excuse to pack up and go home, where he can help out as he decides how to start his life over.

Gray’s path crosses Cameron’s, and he realizes together they might have all the ingredients to save the day—with maybe enough left over for something sweet just for the two of them.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a very sweet short story. It is truly a happy for now with plenty of promise, which is reasonable given the time period it covers. Cam lusted after Gray in high school, but Cam being four years junior didn't really feature in Gray's teens. Now they are all grown up and the chance for sparks to fly has come at last!

I love that Cam was able to help Gray out with a venue, and that it will possibly ensure that he stays in town for the long term. I enjoyed the foodie discussions, and the indignity suffered by the local "nobility." There were plenty of fun little anecdotes of small town life that padded out the bones of the story and reassured the reader that the two men would be able to find happiness and safety in their futures together.

I would happily have read much more about their future, but was left with a positive vibe and plenty of hope.

CLAUDIA MAYRANT has been exploring the world around her since she was old enough to get around under her own power. Her early travels took her on her bicycle “all the way to but not on the main road.” Happily, since then, she’s enjoyed visiting as many places as she can, from bustling marketplaces and enchanting castles to funky dives. She can’t possibly decide which she likes best, but details of her favorite people, places, and things usually get put in the fiction blender so they can make an appearance in her stories.

Claudia maintains that each new adventure requires the appropriate footwear, which explains her closet. Her passion for taking photographs of the things she sees, does, and eats far exceeds her skill with the camera, but no matter the setting, she has fun trying to get a good shot.

For all her love of travel, she’s most relaxed back in the South on a Gulf Coast beach with good friends, refreshing beverages, and plenty of sunscreen.

Her smartphone isn’t literally connected to her hand, but anyone would be forgiven for thinking so.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Place Setting (States of Love) by Claudia Mayrant to read and review.

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