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Dazed Bullet by Serena Kearney Blog Tour

I have a temper. I'm angry. That's a given.

How I take it out? At my job in the boxing room of our gym. I've spent over a year trying to harness it, but I wasn't by myself.

Almost every night, like clockwork, he's there on one side and I'm at the other. He is big, rugged, but handsome.

He's also scary. Silent. Deadly.

When I hear the name Bullet, you would think I would have gone running in the other direction.

I didn't. I should.

He has a past.

He has secrets. Danger. Pain. Sorrow.

Little did I know that it would just bring us closer together.

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“Spar?” Wow. I’ve never actually done this. “You want me to hit you?” I pointed to him. He crossed his arms. “Don’t worry, I can take a hit.” He smirked.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that.” I gave a small laugh.

“Are you scared of me?” He tilted his head slightly.

Yes. “No.” I cleared my throat.

“Look, I’m not going to go full-force on you, because obviously, I could just break you.” He pointed up and down my body. “I already know you can handle yourself, but it’s about having control and defending yourself properly, especially from someone tw—” his eyes roamed me again as he paused “—three times your size.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Now, we’ll start off slow, get you used to it.” He got in his boxing stance, and so did I. “Now, I’m going to throw three jabs at you, and you’re going to block, okay?”

I nodded. His fists went flying at my arm as I held it up, the first two weren’t bad, but the last one stung hard on my forearm, but I took it.

“Did that hurt?”

Yes. “No.”

His eyes flinched like he knew I was lying. “Again.” When he punched, he took in breaths through his nose and let out three sharp grunts. It took my mind somewhere else in the bedroom… until the three hits stung so hard on my arms, but I gritted my teeth and took it. “Did that hurt?”

Fuck yes. “No.”

He let out a big sigh and put his arms down as he stood straight. “Listen, the thing about sparring, it’s about control and trust.” I swallowed. “If you aren’t honest with each other, it’s not safe for either of you. Sparring is a relationship. You have to be honest, and I know those hits hurt, because even though I was holding back, I know my hits and I wasn’t gentle.”

Nothing like being caught in my own lies. “Okay, fine.” I sighed.

He got back in his stance and threw the same hits at me again. “Now, did that hurt?” He watched me and was staring me down.

“Yes.” I sighed.


Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is one of those epic love stories that will stick with you after you’ve finished reading. It was a bit of a slow start, but once getting past 20%, I couldn’t put this book down.

Daze discovers at a very young age that her mother has been beating her little brother, Dem, and has had major temper problems ever since. When Dem turns 18, they leave and begin a life on their own. Dem is in college to become a lawyer and meets Dean, who is able to get Daze a job. The only way that Daze is able to control her temper is by taking it out on a punching bag, which is where she meets Bullet. Bullet is a super sexy alpha male who has set his sights on Daze. When someone from Daze’s past winds up owing money to the wrong people, Bullet steps in to help, but when Daze finds out his past with the organization that her friend owes the money to, things get dicey.

This book is definitely a fast-paced drama and once you make it past that first 20%, you’re not going to want to put it down. I loved each of the characters in this book, especially Daze and Dem, their bond is unique and I love the set-up for the next book. I look forward to book two!

I love to write! I LOVE to read! Sometimes I have to balance it out... No. Don't read that... write...but then if the book calls to me, I have to stop writing to finish the book...HA! Go figure! I love green tea in the mornings...yes tea... not coffee... tea. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee too...BUT I LOVE tea waaaay more!  I love straws... don't judge, but I just have to have a straw when I drink things...I don't know why.

I love CAKES! Red velvet...mmmm... Chocolate too! Cookies... ok gotta stop or I'm gonna make myself hungry. I love animals, especially my cat, Bongo-Bongo... yes... I love double names too. And of course, last, BUT NOT least, my wonderful soul of a mate husband... yeah, I said it... soul mate... husband.  But hey, I still can swoon over book boyfriends!!

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