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Nights Embrace by Brandy L. Rivers Blog Tour

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It all started with a song.

Roxana Nights was late to another gig, thanks to her first love, and drummer. It’s been years since she left Jordan, but he won’t let her go. Then she hears a voice that pulls her under a spell and changes her whole world.

Trevor Malone just moved to Seattle with his band. Music is his only passion, until he lays eyes on Roxana. He’s never felt anything as strong as the pull to her. Now he needs to find a way to introduce her to his world.

There’s only one problem. A rival clan won’t rest until they've taken Trevor’s down. Unwilling to let old grudges die, they target Roxy. Trevor will do anything to keep her safe.

Roxy will find that the world she writes is closer to reality than she ever imagined. She’ll also learn that not all monsters are evil, though some are ruthless.

Will love stay strong when the past comes out? Can they survive the centuries old vendetta?

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She slipped past him, and onto the wings of the stage. Her gaze fell on Mr. Voice who was tall, dark and smokin’ hot.

Holy shit, I want to lick him.

Scuffed combat boots were laced up over black leather pants that clung to muscular thighs, and his black shirt molded to the most impressive set of abs she had ever seen. Roxy wanted to trace the ridges with her fingertips.

He turned, his voice dropping low as his eyes locked on hers. His words enveloped her. “… you’re the only one.”

Her heart paused a beat before slamming into her chest at a rapid pace. His full mouth lifted into a grin that spoke of confidence as he held her full attention. Entranced, she fell deep into his eyes and the world stopped.

Until a drumstick hit him in the head. He looked over his shoulder and shrugged sheepishly at his drummer before turning back to launch into the next verse.

Mikey gently shook her shoulder. “Hey, Rox, come on. We have to warm up.”
Her head bobbed in a nod at her brother, but she didn't look over. She muttered, “Yeah, give me a minute,” or longer.

As if he heard, Mr. Voice glanced over and winked at her before the next song started. “Blinded by beauty, falling at first sight, head over heels…” There was raw passion in his voice, and she couldn't help wishing he was singing about her.

Reviews from the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆
Roxy melted further. He clearly wanted her as badly as she wanted him, but he wasn’t rushing. She loved that he was taking his time to get to know her. He made her feel treasured in a way she never imagined. – Nights Embrace 

Roxy is intrigued by Trevor. He's almost too good to be true, almost. Trevor has waited a lifetime to find this mate and now that he's found her, he doesn't want to let her go. But he also doesn't know how to tell her what he is.

Hang out with Roxy and Trevor and see where they end up. With Roxy's ex a pain in her side, a creepy wanna-be girlfriend from Trevor's past, mixed in with Roxy's unknown father, you have a story that will keep you glued to your seat.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the first of a new series but involves characters from The Others of Edenton series, so we get to meet old friends too.

The story is slow and smooth and takes time to wind up to the big final crescendo, but it is enjoyable in its meandering. The band rock stars meets paranormal is an interesting idea, and probably more could have been made of that. What we did get was good.

Overall I enjoyed the story and will ensure that I look out for future tales from Ms. Rivers.

Author Photo
My name is Brandy L Rivers. I’m a wife and mother of three with an overactive imagination. I’ve been obsessed with monsters and magic for pretty much ever. I decided to write the stories that keep me awake at night.

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