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A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting

Available Now! A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting.

The fur is about to fly between a cheerful cat sitter and a grumpy hockey nerd in this hilarious and charming rom-com by the New York Times bestselling author of Meet Cute.

Kitty Hart has become internet famous as the Kitty Whisperer for her expertise on all things feline, and as a result, her cat-sitting business is booming. But lately, she has a terrible feeling that maybe her life isn’t quite going where it’s supposed to—especially after falling face-first into her newest client. Not exactly the best first impression.

Fortunately, Miles Thorn is just as bad at first impressions. Strike one: he doesn’t like cats, especially Prince Francis, the haughty and mischievous Sphynx his mom left in his care. Strike two: tackling Kitty to the floor in a misguided attempt to save the pet he continually calls “the gremlin.”

As awkwardness slides into attraction and things start to turn purr-sonal, will these two complete opposites ever be able to find their furry-tail ending?


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A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a funny, sweet, and really easy read, which is perfect for summer, when you just want to escape the world and relax.

Kitty Hart has a cat-sitting business, which is doing well enough for her to work at it and her social media presence full time. She has a range of amusing clients and is definitely adept at her job – even training cats to press bells to ask for treats, etc.

Miles is a statistician working for an NHL team finding how to improve small things in players to increase their effectiveness on the ice – I found this engaging as a concept and gave another dynamic to the story. He is also dealing with a mum who has just been hospitalised and found to be suffering from early onset dementia. He now needs to sort out how to care for her Sphynx cat too. I felt that Hunting did a good job of adding some difficult elements to the story without bringing the whole vibe down, and she paired it well with Kitty's parental issues.

Miles calls Kitty for help and the rest all falls together in a cute and slightly crazy way. You will have to read it to find out just how crazy, because it is always best to come to these things afresh, but I don't think you will be disappointed. I like it when awkward becomes confident thanks to the people around them supporting them through the difficult things that life kicks up. It deepens the connection and reminds us that love is not just passion – although, that is good too. 😻

I did laugh out loud a few times, as well as having a few tears, but I enjoyed racing my way through to see how a Great Dane owning guy could have a relationship with a cat-loving Kitty Whisperer!

A Love Catastrophe made me laugh out loud. Kitty and Miles’ first meeting was funny and Miles’ comment about his mother’s – OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing. Initially, the story had a little bit of an enemies-to-lovers vibe because their first meeting doesn’t really go well, but it doesn’t take long before romance has things between Miles and Kitty moving in the right direction.

Despite the fact that Miles works for an NHL team and Kitty is a bit of an internet star, they feel like regular, every day people. Their love story felt like something every day people could aspire to.

While romance is blooming, Kitty and Miles are both dealing with grief and the aftermath of losing a loved one. Even though dealing with grief is a serious issue, it didn’t bring the book down. I really appreciated their honest conversation, and I loved the way they supported each other.

If you are looking for a traditional, fun romance with just a dose of spice, I’d definitely recommend A Love Catastrophe, I really enjoyed it.



Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author HELENA HUNTING lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. She writes all things romance – contemporary, romantic comedy, sports, and angsty new adult. Some of her books include Meet Cute, Pucked, and Shacking Up. Helena loves to bake cupcakes and has been known to listen to a song on repeat 1512 times while writing a book, and if she has to be away from her family, she prefers to be in warm weather with her friends.

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