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Heartless by Elsie Silver Blog Tour

Available Now. Heartless. Elsie Silver. Blog Tour October 17th – 19th.

Working as a nanny for the world’s grumpiest single dad should have been simple. Except I can’t keep my eyes off him. And he can’t keep his hands off of me.

Cade Eaton is thirteen years older than I am and barely looks my way. Until I get him into the hot tub one night for a game of truth or dare. Then all bets are off—and so are our clothes.

He’s gruff, a little rough around the edges. But broad-shouldered ranchers with calloused hands and filthy mouths are this city girl’s kryptonite. So who am I to resist?

But it’s in our quiet moments together that he softens. It’s when he takes care of me that I realize his hardened exterior is just a façade. It’s when I watch him go all sweet with his little boy that I really fall for him.

Someone convinced him once that his best wasn’t good enough. But I’ve never felt more cherished than I do in his arms.

My contract may say this arrangement is only for two months.

But my heart says this is forever.

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Heartless by Elsie Silver

Book 2
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“I bet you’re too chicken to pick dare,” he taunts, eyes looking a little glassier than they did when he first walked out here. The heat. The bourbon. The walk down memory lane.

He looks different. Lighter somehow.

“Dare.” I’m not going to let him figure me out that easily.

He swirls the glass and studies me like he’s weighing his options. With one more swig of liquor, he says, “I dare you to sit up on the edge of the hot tub for the rest of this game.”

I blink slowly, hearing the rush of blood in my ears. The pounding of my heart.

He thinks he can make me put a stop to this game. But I’m not sure Cade Eaton knows me all that well. If he wants me to sit where he can watch me while he drinks bourbon, then I’m all in.

I’m not going to fold.

Pushing myself across the tub and out of the water, I hold his dark eyes, lips parting on a labored breath. I don’t look down and neither does he as I slide my ass onto the edge of the hot tub, leaving my legs dangling into the water.

It’s a test of wills, which one of us is going to look down at my chest first. And this time it’s not just the metal barbells causing a scene. My nipples are pointing straight at him.

“My turn,” I rasp.

He nods, still holding my gaze. “Your turn.”

“Truth or dare, Cade?”

“Truth.” A muscle in his jaw twitches.

“Wimp.” He doesn’t even react to my jibe. “If you’re really good at rodeo stuff, why wouldn’t you go do those events while I’m here to help you?”

The weight of his gaze has my entire body humming. The intensity in his eyes. I feel like he’s trying to light me on fire with his glare alone.

I lean back on my hands, waiting for him to answer.

But instead, he claims his prize. His eyes rake over my body, and I feel it, like the tip of something cool and pointed. There’s no distaste on his face this time. It’s pure want. And that’s a look I can recognize.

My core throbs and I feel too hot, even with the cool night air hugging my skin.

I sit, watching him. Watching his expression. Watching him devour me with his eyes.

I do the same. Unable to tear my attention from the beautiful, intense man before me. The way the skin on his throat throbs over his pulse point. The subtle shake of his head as his tongue presses into the side of his cheek.

“Because it’s frivolous. I have responsibilities that I can’t overlook.” He’s talking to me, but he’s staring at my breasts.

“We all need to do something frivolous sometimes. Even you.” I absently wonder if we’re talking about rodeos at all right now.

“Careful, Willa. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” His jaw pops as he glances up at me.

I reach out to him, pulsing my fingers, silently asking for what’s left of the drink in his hand. Needing a little liquid courage of my own. He moves forward, handing it over and hovering before me. Indecision tracing his every feature.

“You’re a giver, Cade.” I take a sip before I stare down at him and delicately wipe my lips. “What if you took something for yourself for once?”

“I can’t,” his voice cracks as he looks at me imploringly.

“You should let me help you. You deserve to enjoy yourself too.”

Now I know we aren’t just talking about the rodeos. We’re toeing a line. A line between employee and employer. A line between an older man and a younger woman. A line that may well differentiate appropriate from inappropriate.

“No.” He grabs the glass and pushes himself across to the opposite side of the square, leaning back to feast on my body. I chance a look down at myself now, seeing the outline of my nipples battling against the fabric and the thin nylon at the bottom of my swimsuit lewdly wedged between my pussy lips.

Something that hasn’t escaped his attention based on the way his eyes snag there before slipping back up to the dark sky above us.

A little part of me wants to hide in the water, but the bigger part of me gets off on sitting here on display for him. Knowing he likes what he sees but won’t let himself touch. Knowing he wanted to see it.

Knowing his cock has got to be rock-hard under the water.

“Truth or dare,” he bites out.

“Truth,” I reply, not sure I can handle another dare or where it might take us.

His brows furrow and his eyes narrow on mine. “What are you thinking right now?”

“That I like sitting here with your eyes on me.”

“Fuck,” he groans, running a wet hand over his face and through his dark hair before tossing his head back and polishing off the dregs of the bourbon.

“What are you thinking?” I push. Wanting to know. Wanting to hear him say he likes what he sees.

“I didn’t pick truth, Willa.”




Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Cade is a single dad looking for a nanny for his son over the summer. What he didn't expect was Willa. The way these two meet is hilarious, and he didn't even get her name.

The heat between them is off the charts and gets hotter with each touch. Their banter and sass are so funny. Luke is the best kid, he will keep you on your toes.

I think this is my favorite so far, the story is filled with banter, a grumpy cowboy, a fun-loving kid, a sassy redhead, family, friends, lots of sexiness, and an all-around great story. I recommend this author to anyone looking for a new one who writes feel-good, sexy stories, you will not be disappointed.

This is the second book in the series – and is an offshoot from the Gold Rush Ranch series – I enjoyed the first one but this is absolutely fabulous!

Given the grumpy, single dad/nanny write-up, the last thing I was expecting was to be laughing out loud at some of the scenes – Cade's dad is just the business! Side characters are always important, but in this case, they added even more than usual.

Willa agrees to come out to Chestnut Springs to help out as a nanny as her best friend, Summer, is now engaged to one of the owners. She soon realises that Cade has a rough exterior but adores his son, Luke, so she is patient and forgiving. Cade cannot deny the care that she bestows upon Luke and the great summer that they are having, but she will leave, as everyone else always has, so what is the point?

Well, chemistry burns away the ability to stay distant, but the deadline still looms – unless that hard shell around his heart is prepared to crack. I was so invested in this, that I just read straight through the evening and most of the night to get the answer... you may want to start earlier in the day, and make sure you have plenty of snacks.

I really did love everything about this book – the sweetness, the grumpy, the sexy, and definitely, the funny! Thank you, Elise Silver, great story!

Cade has always felt the need to take care of everyone else. He's a single dad and works to keep his family's ranch running. To make sure his son gets the childhood he deserves (and the one Cade had to forfeit), he is in need of a nanny to watch him over the summer. He is one of the town’s sexiest bachelors and he is grumpy as all get out. He has interviewed quite a few women for the position, but immediately finds something wrong with all of them. When his soon-to-be sister-in-law suggests her best friend, Willa, Cade knows he doesn't have many options left.

Willa is carefree, fun, and so confident. She is all about just living her life as she wants and having fun. When Summer asks her to come nanny for Cade's son, she thinks it'll be an easy gig, until she falls for the grumpy cowboy and his son.

I loved everything about this read. Elsie Silver has a way of writing that just makes you fall into the world she created. The back-and-forth banter between Cade and Willa is perfect and hilarious. And Luke is adorable and makes this story even more endearing.

I can't wait for more from Chestnut Springs!



Author Bio

Elsie Silver. Sassy, Sexy, Romance.

ELSIE SILVER is a Canadian author of sassy, sexy, small-town romance who loves a good book boyfriend and the strong heroines who bring them to their knees. She lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, son, and three dogs and has been voraciously reading romance books since before she was probably supposed to.

She loves cooking and trying new foods, traveling, and spending time with her boys–especially outdoors. Elsie has also become a big fan of her quiet five am mornings, which is when most of her writing happens. It’s during this time that she can sip a cup of hot coffee and dream up a fictional world full of romantic stories to share with her readers

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