Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Landscaper in Paradise by Robin Stone

He bared his soul...and they gave him paradise.

Kyle's addicted to the mind-blowing sex he has with Tracy and Eric Dawson, spending nights in their bed and weekends in their guest house. He's no longer the hired help, but an equal partner in the relationship.

Kyle joins the Dawsons on their winter vacation to Hawaii. He learns more about their past, and the threesome find new heights of pleasure in the sultry setting.

But when Tracy bursts into tears and Eric shares his doubts about the relationship, Kyle is thrown into a tailspin. Can they resolve their differences and stay together forever?

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Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Landscaper in Paradise is the final installment in this series.

Kyle, Tracy, and Eric take off for the winter vacation to Hawaii. Throughout the series there has been explosive sexual tension between Eric and Kyle, being in Hawaii has that tension exploding. Feelings, their unconventional relationship, and love are discussed in this series finale. The sex scenes are amazing in this one, definitely hot and steamy.

Landscaper in Paradise brings a happy ending to this story. The series must be read in order and are quick, sexy little reads. I plan to explore more from this author after I devour each installment again.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This is the most satisfying conclusion to a series that I've ever read.

Kyle, Tracy, and Eric embark on the trip to Hawaii where the sexual tension between Eric and Kyle hit its apex and love and lust explode between them.

Realizing that he cannot keep his love and life separate from either of them, Kyle believes that he will have to walk away from them both. After all, no one has ever heard of a threesome in a marriage, right?

Imagine his surprise when Eric and Tracy admit their love for him.

This four-part series is addictive and I can't wait to read more from this author.

The final in a quartet, this is a really sexy set of stories. You need to read them in order, as they follow one from the other.

Kyle has admitted he is in love with Tracy, as she is in return, but although he is also in love with her husband, Eric, he hasn't plucked up the nerve to tell him. A holiday in Hawaii may just help him be honest about his feelings, but what can the future hold?

This series is told from Kyle's point of view at all times. It is an interesting choice, as it keeps the reader perpetually on edge, as knowledge about the feelings of Eric and Tracy are not known, are not certain. It is a much more realistic experience in some ways, but rare in romances these days, As Kyle is the third, it makes the underlying plot more nerve-wracking, and draws one into the emotional aspect of the relationship. The sex is hot and steamy, and best enjoyed in a non-public location!

Definitely worth a read!

Kyle is headed to Hawaii for a week with Tracy and Eric. He can't wait to see where this relationship goes. After telling Tracy that he loves her and she told him she loves him, his feelings for Eric are getting stronger, but can he tell him how he really feels?

As Eric and Kyle grow closer, there seems to be some doubt with all three about the relationship. Kyle feels as if they will end things with him. Eric and Tracy seem to be keeping things to themselves, but is it what Kyle thinks? Are the three getting closer or will this threesome destroy them all? Will the week end the way Kyle hopes it will?

I enjoyed this series from the very first page and hate to see it end. It is hot, sexy, and worth the read it you really like ménage.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Landscaper in Paradise (The Landscaper #4) by Robin Stone to read and review.

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