Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Senator's Son by S.M. Harshell

Being the son of a United States Senator wasn’t an easy life. Senator Paul Anderson’s public persona means more to him than just about anything else; however, in private, he is a cheating, manipulative, soul-crushing bastard. Early in his life, Aaron Anderson learned what his father was about, knew what was expected of him in order to preserve the Senator’s image. Needing an escape, Aaron’s mother, Denise, settles into the bottle, slowly killing herself to maintain the semblance of a perfect family.

When Aaron flees to college, he falls in love, but because of an arrangement he makes with the devil, he has to let Sophia go. Broken and furious, Aaron fights to make a life of his own. Six years later, as he’s honoring his end of the agreement, his world stops when he sees the love of his life at a hospital gala. Is fate real? Is it meant to be? Can this be the second chance he’s dreamed of for years?

With Aaron’s mother dying, the control the Senator once had over him starts to slip. When the deal is about to come to an end, the Senator drops a bomb that may destroy everything Aaron’s ever worked for. Will he get another opportunity with the girl he’s always loved, while stopping his father from destroying him at the same time?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a delightfully creepy little book. Trapped in a gilded cage, Aaron has lived his life to his malevolent father’s exacting specifications. Flashing between the experiences of a 30-year-old Aaron and the memories of his early life, the story forces readers to piece together the fragments of a very dysfunctional family life.

Many of the flashbacks focus on Aaron’s experiences at college. The bittersweet romance in the story takes place here and Aaron’s college memories lend a new adult feel to the entire book. Even though the action takes place when Aaron is thirty, the whole story wrestles with new adult themes of independence, power, and control.

This is angsty high drama full of powerful society characters – victims, villains, and a few that surprise. The society aspect of the story lends a Louise Bagshaw/Jackie Collins/Danielle Steel feel to the book, but it is never really a romance and the main character is male. At times I felt that the villainy of Senator Anderson was slightly overwritten and I really didn’t enjoy Aaron’s constant reference to his mistresses as his “whores.” However, I really enjoyed Aaron’s journey from victim to hero as he attempts to save his business and his future from his father.

This is a fast paced drama with a high society, soap-opera style cast. I really enjoyed this exciting and slightly unusual read.

Oh, I think this is a little gem in a world full of sweet romances with predictable is dark, but in a political way, and disturbingly, probably verging on the truth in places! It was very unexpected, and has some fabulous twists, which really had me turning the page back, thinking – really? It is a book that should be on your list to read – to clean the palate and restore some balance into your life!

S.M. Harshell lives in western Pennsylvania with her husband, two children and two attention seeking cats. She has been writing since she was a child. Recently, with the support of her husband and him giving her that extra little shove she needed, she has ventured out into the Indie world.

S.M. is an avid reader. You can find her, in any free time she has, reading. Whether it's waiting at the doctor's office or standing in line at the grocery store, her nose is stuck in a book.

After the completion of her first novel, Saving Amy, she is currently working on several new releases.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Senator's Son by S.M. Harshell to read and review.

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