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Red Flagged by Elle Keaton Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Red Flagged. Reclaimed Hearts Series. Elle Keaton.

Ex-US Marshal turned Cooper Springs Chief of Police, André Dear isn’t looking for love. He’s too busy hunting a killer.

The last person André expected to see in Cooper Springs was Dante Castone. He left Dante and the rest of his old life behind him when he moved to Washington State and what he thought would be a quiet job in a small town by the ocean.

Dante Brown went into WITSEC for his sister’s kid—sort of.

In reality, Dante's DIYing it; he isn’t the trusting sort. Daniella was the only witness to her mom’s brutal murder and needs both protection and anonymity—plus as normal a life as possible. It's just a bonus that Cooper Springs has André Dear too.

He and André have a history, and Dante wants to see if they might have a future. Someone is gunning for André and, like it or not, Dante is going to protect him. And yeah, feed him too. Does the man never eat?

André needs Dante’s help even if he doesn’t want to accept it. Dante's ready to settle down but he’s going to have to prove himself before André lets him in again.

Together, they need to catch a killer and maybe find each other in the process.

Red Flagged is book three in the Reclaimed Hearts series. A second-chance, older-lovers redemption story and thrilling romantic suspense set in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula.

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Red Flagged by Elle Keaton

Book 3
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André’s evening reading was interrupted by a banging against his front door. The hammering was loud, purposeful, and, in André’s opinion, full of false promise. He briefly contemplated not answering. The reverberation alone told him who was on the other side.

He had a choice to make.

For fuck’s sake, the thundering knock hadn’t even startled him.


Annoyed, he set his mystery novel—a British cozy he’d been half paying attention to while listening to the rain pound against the roof—face down on the arm of the couch and rose to his feet. Traitorous anticipation bloomed slowly, languorously, alongside the growing exasperation in the pit of his stomach, rising like the steam from a freshly brewed cup of tea.

“Dear, I know you’re in there. Answer the fucking door. It’s pissing down out here.”

Wasn’t forty-five too old for a booty call? Was it a booty call when the ass in question showed up unannounced and, well, uncalled?

André didn’t have time to answer any of that in the short distance between his couch and the front door. Reaching out, he flipped the lock open and then twisted the handle, his hand shaking slightly.

This would be the last time.

Seconds later, André was slammed back against the living room wall, his hands automatically slipping under Dante’s leather jacket and cotton t-shirt, his fingertips sliding against Dante’s chilled, damp, skin. Dante murmured something and then his mouth was on André’s, claiming him as he always did.

Always. But never forever.

Within minutes, they were mostly naked and stumbling into André’s bedroom. A trail of clothing was strewn behind them, much like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs so they could find their way back out of the wicked forest.

André felt his personal forest was much more complicated than Hansel and Gretel’s, but he’d finally found a way out of it.

This was the last time they were doing this.

At least this time, they made it to the bed and hadn’t just ended up on the couch like so many nights before. Falling onto the mattress, André had landed on his back and currently was gazing down his body, watching an equally naked Dante press his nose into André’s crotch. He liked it.

God, he liked it.

His cock did too. His cock was a fan of everything Dante. But it needed to stop. It had to. A relationship that consisted of late-night knocks on the door (followed up by the best sex André had ever experienced) and an empty spot next to him in the morning was not what he wanted.

The sex was incredible but what happened afterward made him intensely lonely.

As ridiculous as it was for a man of his age and profession—a U.S. Marshal, for godsakes—André wanted a partner. A real partner.

Dante Castone, an undercover operator for the DEA, was not the man for the job.

He wanted someone who’d stand by his side through good and bad times and vice versa. Dante was not that man. No matter how fucking incredible his lips felt as they closed around André’s cock.

“Jesus,” André groaned, arching his back.

Since a partner didn’t seem to be in the cards for André at this late stage in the game, he’d decided to settle for a job that wasn’t actively trying to kill him. He wanted to head into his twilight years like a cop on The Andy Griffith Show or Mayberry R.F.D. , giving advice to innocent kids and chatting with senior citizens who would end up having the answer to everything.

“You’re distracted tonight,” Dante rumbled as he let André’s cock slip from between his lips so he could begin licking his way up André’s body. He was heading toward André’s neck, which seemed to be a favorite place of his.

“Don’t leave marks,” André complained, his hips jerking as Dante nibbled on a sensitive nipple. “I don’t want to have to explain anything to my coworkers.”

“So many rules. You know I love breaking rules.”

Dante did love breaking rules—André’s rules, at any rate.

“Quit thinking so hard.” Dante punctuated his demand by biting and then sucking hard on André’s nipple, tracing around the nub with his hot tongue.

“Fuck.” André’s cock throbbed with anticipation of what was to come—himself and Dante—and he writhed desperately underneath Dante’s pleasantly heavy, muscular body, needing more contact, more of everything.

Tomorrow he’d tell Dante they couldn’t do this anymore. No more rule breaking.



The reality was that an undercover DEA agent and a U.S. Marshal were not long-term relationship material. André was not the type of person to demand someone change their career and Dante was not the type to just give up what he was driven to do. The fact they’d gotten together at all was pure chance.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the series and runs concurrently with some of the events of book two – most definitely following on from book one – so you really should read them in order! Each book focusses on a different relationship, but the underlying plotlines benefit from prior knowledge.

In this installment, we learn more about the Chief of Police and his past, as well as learning about who could also be in his present and future. André is staggered to see the man who ghosted him turn up in his small, backwater town, but is planning on finding out just why Dante is staying there with his niece. He not only finds out that the spark is still there between them, but that there are fireworks of a criminal nature not conducive to their survival. I really enjoyed the drama, especially when even André realises that going to a remote location alone wasn't the wisest move!

It was refreshing that they accepted that should they resolve the problems surrounding them, that they had every intention of making a future together – and we had enough going on without questions over the romance too! As well as their bit of crazy, we are still in the dark about the other murders in the town, so I am already looking forward to more clues in the next book.



His own reaction had been a surprise to him, forcing him to admit to himself that—against his better judgment—he harbored complicated, unexpected, and unacknowledged feelings for André Dear.


Author Bio

Elle Keaton. Author Imaginator.

ELLE KEATON writes M/M romantic suspense set in the Pacific Northwest with some contemporary romance thrown in. She's passionate about writing inclusive romances with complex characters and a unique sense of place. Her characters start out broken, and maybe they’re still banged up by the end, but they find the other half of their hearts and ALWAYS get their happily ever after.

In 2017 Elle hit the publish button for the first time and hasn't looked back. Being an author is the best job Elle has ever had and now she has over thirty books available for you to read or listen to!

She loves cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and has a cribbage habit her husband encourages.

Love always wins, thank you for supporting this indie author!

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“I don’t know if this is a good idea.” Andre was at least going to try and do the right thing.     “Of course it’s not a fucking good idea.” Dante agreed pleasantly, closing the distance between them again.


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