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The Quarterback Keeper by Rheland Richmond & Emerson Beckett

The Quarterback Keeper by Rheland Richmond & Emerson Beckett


I'm the starting quarterback for the Portland Pirates, and I have a thing for my son's teacher. Except I didn't know the cute blond on the beach with the giant dog was, in fact, my kid's teacher until two months later at Open House.

Christian took my breath away during the second week of my two-week vacation at the beach and introduced me to things I never knew could feel so good and be so right. I think he just might be the one who inspires me to tell the world that this NFL quarterback is bisexual and in love with a man.

That is until I blew the best thing to happen to me since my kids were born. All I know is I have to get him back. I had to find a way to keep him.


I never imagined I would meet the love of my life while being bowled over on the beach by the overeager Newfoundland I was dog-sitting. But that's exactly how I ended up on my back in the sand, wrapped in his arms and pressed into the sand by the six-foot-five dark-haired Adonis on the beach. Did I mention he had two beautiful children?

Our week together was worthy of a sexy modern-day fairytale full of promises about the future until he sent me the text that broke my heart. And how was I supposed to get over him when his adorable six-year-old son was in my class?

Find out how Alex and Christian ache to overcome some daunting complications to reunite in The Quarterback Keeper, book one of The Package Deal series.


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The Quarterback Keeper by Rheland Richmond & Emerson Beckett

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The Quarterback Keeper is the first book in The Package Deal series. It's a low-angst, insta-love, coming out, professional football player story.

Alex Hayes is an amazing NFL quarterback. He's been divorced for two years and is successfully co-parenting his two kids with his ex-wife. He's known since he was fifteen he was into women and men but has never acted on that attraction to men until he saw Christian on the beach. After spending an amazing week together – making a connection he never saw coming and being free to explore that side of himself – he needs to get back to the real world, the NFL, and back to the place where he is forced to live in the closet. He wants to say forget it all and make it work with Christian, until one picture posted to Twitter may ruin everything he's done in his career.

Watching his aunt and uncle’s dog was never supposed to end up being one of the best weeks of his life. Meeting Alex and falling so hard for the man wasn't on his summer bingo card. When Alex needs to leave for his job, he promises to contact Christian and continue to date when they are back in Portland. What Christian never expected was a text from Alex saying he couldn't do this... Christian was heartbroken, but when a student’s NFL father walks into to his room he never expected it to be Alex. Christian never knew what Alex did for work but finding out this way hurts more than Christian could imagine. Alex wants him back and Christian wants nothing more than to be with the man who turned his world upside down in a matter of days. Can Christian forgive him? Can Alex risk everything by coming out for Christian?

These are new-to-me authors, but I absolutely fell in love with the way this story was written. I was instantly invested and was rooting for Alex and Christian from the beginning. I loved how this book sets up the next in the series for Adrian and Marcus and can't wait to see how their story plays out!



Author Bio

Rheland Richmond. Romance Author.

For as long as she can remember Rheland's had her nose stuck in a book, getting lost in the world of someone else's creation (She still does). Her love for writing came from her love for reading. She could never have one without the other.

Writing has always been a hobby and a cathartic experience for her. There are many stories lost to the never to be completed or published pile but needed to be written at the time.

She's just a girl that loved stories so much she wrote hers.

RHELAND RICHMOND would love to hear from her readers and learn more about Y'all. So if you get a chance... please get in touch.

Connect with Rheland Richmond

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Emerson Beckett. Male Male Romance Author.

EMERSON BECKETT is new to the publishing world. As an avid sports fan and lover of well-written M/M romance books, Emerson loves her new career as an author of gay romance. It’s even more fulfilling for her when she can combine the two.

The journey to becoming an author started with an idea while reading on the sofa. That idea became an email that ultimately resulted in Emerson using those teacher skills to edit novels for three phenomenal M/M romance authors. The third referral led to an opportunity to co-write a book series with one of the most genuine and kindest people she’s ever had the pleasure of knowing – Rheland Richmond.

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Facebook Group: Beckett's Book Brigade


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