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Untamed Delights by Suzanne Wright

Return to the sensual and feral stirrings of the Phoenix Pack as a woman who’s already bound to one man is tempted by a wolf who’s bound only to his nightly desires.

Cat shifter Mila Devereaux can’t help but see it as a betrayal. That her one true mate imprinted himself on another female was hard enough to accept. Struggling to be at peace with her loveless fate, she doesn’t fight the suggestion of entering an arranged mating. Then she meets Dominic, a pack enforcer with a notorious reputation. It’s in his very scent. This irresistible playboy—and delicious badass wolf—is making Mila’s fantasies come alive again.

Alarming, compelling, and heady with sensual energy, Dominic is an expert at making women shed their inhibitions. Now everything about him—his killer smile, his perfectly sculpted body, and his smooth-as-honey voice—is drawing in a captivating new catch. But for the first time in his life, Dominic is feeling more than a fling. He finds himself tantalized by a female who makes him think of forever. He wants all of Mila and won’t be satisfied until he has it.

As the passion grows wild, so does the risk. They’re falling in love in the shadows and secrets of their pasts. And it’s threatening to destroy everything Mila and Dominic are fighting for. And are destined for.

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Book 8
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve delved into the world of shifters, but Suzanne Wright always knows exactly how to draw me back in! I’ve read most of the books in Wright’s Phoenix Pack series and Mercury Pack series (a spin-off series), which all can be read as a standalone if need be, but I think the story flows best when read in order. Both series have a lot of characters that often make crossover appearances, which I always love to see what the rest of the pack is up to! Also, I am always so impressed with the variety of shifters Wright has cleverly weaved in throughout these two series and on occasion, I have done a google image search because I’ve never heard of them, such as a Pallas and margay cat.

Dominic is a pack enforcer for the Phoenix pack and a notorious playboy that never had any desire to settle down. But when he meets Mila, a Pallas cat shifter, everything begins to change for him.

I’ve been waiting for Dominic’s story forever and was so excited for Untamed Delights. This is one wolf shifter’s story I couldn’t wait to get my hands on! Dominic has long been one of my favorite character throughout this series and I’m so excited for him to finally get his story told. Plus, I kinda really adored the fact that Mila had already met her mate and this wasn’t a typical true mate kind of story. Also, I just really appreciated Mila and how fierce she could be!

Although I’m sad to see the ending of Suzanne Wright’s Phoenix Pack series, I think it was a great finish to a series full of amazing characters that I’ve grown so fond of over the years!

5 stars for Suzanne Wright’s Untamed Delights

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
I've been waiting for this book for ages. Dominic. The king of the awful pick-up lines and no boundaries.

Dominic's early life wasn't easy and sometimes you have to wonder if his life didn't get better after his mother left and his father died. Then the unrealistic expectations placed on him by his parents were no longer there and he could just be Dominic. It did have a lasting effect on him, which fueled his reluctance to commit.

Mila wants love, mating, and kits, and everything that goes with it. Unfortunately, when she meets her true mate, he's already imprinted on someone else. To make it even more awkward, it's her cousin. Her cat isn't happy with either of them, so Mila is considering moving to Russia to be with her mother's family.

But then Dominic walks into a bar where Mila happens to be singing. There's something about her that calls to Dominic. His wolf recognizes the pain in her eyes. Mila's cat is not as angry at Dom as she has been with most people of late.

When Mila comes under attack, Dominic takes it personally and does his best to protect Mila while giving her and her cat room to be independent. It's no small task, but Mila's cat is amazed at Dominic's ability to stand back and watch them work.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the series. I can't wait to see more of the Pallas Cats.

Suzanne Wright can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating characters and telling their tales. Even as a child in England, she loved writing poems, plays, and stories. As an adult, Wright is the author of the novel From Rags, the Deep in Your Veins novels, the Dark in You series, and the Phoenix Pack series. Lure of Oblivion is the third novel in her Mercury Pack series. Wright, who lives in Liverpool with her husband and two children, freely admits that she hates housecleaning and can’t cook... but always shares chocolate.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Untamed Delights (The Phoenix Pack #8) by Suzanne Wright to read and review.

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