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A new beginning...

A fresh start. That's exactly what Ally Shaw needs and what she's found in Glacier Ridge, Montana. Creating a simpler life with her young son and reconnecting with her only remaining family-it's all part of Ally's plan to chase away the pain of her past. But when a dangerously irresistible cowboy rescues her little boy, Ally can't deny she's excited about what else the future might bring.

Reed Malloy was a wild horse who wouldn't be broken. Devoted to his work on the land at the expense of everything else, he'd never met a woman who could hold his interest... until Ally. And now, beautiful Ally and her fearless, freckled child have this cowboy wanting more. This isn't Ally's first time at the rodeo, though, and convincing her to trust him isn't easy. But there isn't anything he won't do to keep her safe... and make her his.

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Book 3
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Ally shook her head. “In case you haven’t noticed, at the kitchen table my son was staring at you with a hunger in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. As though you were that plate of brownies and he wanted to devour you.”

“Yeah. I noticed.” Reed’s smile was quick and dangerous. He reached out and drew her close. “I wish his mother would look at me that way.”

She put a hand to his chest to hold him a little away. “And inflate that giant ego of yours, cowboy?”

“Aw. Come on. Just enough to let me know I was missed. At least a little.”

Her voice lowered. She avoided his eyes. “You were.”

“What was that? Could you say it louder?”

“You were. Missed.”

He lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“A painful admission. So...” She flushed slightly. “Your turn. Did you miss me, too?”

“Way more than I wanted to. I was up there to do a job, and a certain red-haired witch kept getting in my head, messing with my mind.” His tone deepened. “All the time I was up in the hills, I kept worrying that you were just a dream. Tonight, on the way to town, I started thinking I’d show up in Glacier Ridge and find this old building still empty, and you and Kyle were figments of my imagination.”

“That’s some imagination you have, cowboy.”

He lowered his face to press his mouth to the hair at her temple. “Oh lady, you have no idea the things I’ve imagined.”

His hands tightened at her waist and he pulled her against him.

When she lifted her head to protest, he cut off her words with a kiss that rocked them both back on their heels.

She came up for air. “Reed...”

“Shh.” He kissed her again, lingering over her mouth. “Oh, baby, how I needed this.”

He slid his hands along her arms and lifted them to his neck. When she didn’t pull away he moved his open palms down her arms, down her back, drawing her even closer. And then, while his mouth moved over hers, taking her on a slow, sensual ride, his hands trailed her sides until they encountered the swell of her breasts. His thumbs found her nipples already hard through the fabric of her dress.

He swallowed her little gasp of surprise. When she stiffened and tried to pull away, his kiss gentled, as did his touch, until she sighed and relaxed in his arms.

She drew in a long, deep breath. “You should probably go.”

“Yeah.” He nuzzled the corner of her eye, her cheek, before lowering his mouth to the sensitive hollow of her neck. “Or I could stay.”

She involuntarily shuddered at the press of his lips to her tender flesh. “That’s not a good—”

“Have mercy. Think of that long drive back to my ranch.” His hands were roaming again, finding all kinds of interesting places to touch. To tease. Until he had her, and himself, thoroughly aroused.

“I’m not ready...”

“I am. Red, I’m so hot, I’m practically going up in flames.”

“I know. I am, too. But I’m just not ready for...” She put a hand to his chest and backed up a step. “I need some space. I can’t think when you’re this close.”

“Neither can I. But we don’t need to think. Why can’t we just go with our feelings?”

With her chest heaving, she took another step back, and then another. “I did that once.” Her eyes misted and she blinked furiously. “And I learned a very important lesson. There are always consequences to acting on our feelings without thinking.”

The sight of her fighting tears was a splash of ice water.

He gathered her close and pressed his forehead to hers. “Sorry. I know better. But you’re killing me, Red.”

In response she merely held on and dragged in deep, calming breaths while he did the same.

When the trembling passion had cooled enough, Reed touched a hand to her cheek in an achingly sweet gesture. “You know I want you. That isn’t going to change. But I’m glad you had the brain tonight. I guess one of us needed to be sensible.”

She managed a weak smile. “You don’t make it easy.”

“Good. I’d hate to think this was one-sided.” He plucked his hat from the table. “Since I can’t stay the night, I’d better leave while I can still walk.”

“I’ll go downstairs with you.” She led the way and opened the door to the shop.

In the doorway he turned and gathered her close. Against her ear he whispered, “Whenever you find it in your heart to let me in, I’ll be waiting. Good night, Ally “

He brushed a kiss over her cheek.

She surprised him by drawing him close and giving him a hard, hungry kiss before stepping back.

He shook his head while keeping his eyes steady on hers. “I’ve never been a patient man. Like I said. You’re killing me, Red.”

Without a backward glance he strode away.

As he did, he had the strangest sensation that he was being watched. Not just by Ally, but by another pair of eyes.

He made a slow turn. There seemed to be no one around, but the feeling persisted.

He heard the door to the shop close. Heard the lock being thrown.

Still feeling prickly, he climbed into his truck and drove away.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
A handsome cowboy, a single mom with a cute son, and a villain on the loose sets the stage for an epic romance in the Old West. Well, modern day Montana at any rate.

Reed is the youngest of the Malloy sons that his grandparents stepped in to raise after their parents were killed in a car accident. Learning to live the without his parents, Reed often retreated to the hills, always striving to find something that was irrevocably lost. Twenty years later, he's certain that he's on the verge of achieving something that his entire family can be proud of: his herd of naturally raised steers that will sell for big bucks to some of the most famous and elite restaurants in Europe.

Ally Shaw has just moved here from West Virginia with her four-year-old son, Kyle. After Kyle's father died while deployed, Ally wanted to reconnect with family and that meant moving to Montana to be near her only surviving relative: Deputy Archer Stone. Except that her uncle isn’t happy to see her, isn't thrilled that she has a son, and doesn't particularly seem to like anyone or anything except a bottle of whiskey.

Reed and Ally's paths cross and a spark ignites. Determined to keep things light, Ally pushes Reed away only to have him at her side whenever a crisis strikes. Leaning on someone is hard for her after being raised by a single mother, but seeing Kyle interact with Reed and his family makes her want to take a chance.

I loved reading about the Malloys and I hope that we get a peek into the romance of Colin and Anita.

4.5 stars of family love and cowboy hotness

This is the third in the series, and I love the Malloy family more and more.

Reed is the youngest of the three brothers who were orphaned at a young age and brought up by their grandparents. He has spent his whole life concentrating on work to ease the pain, and finally his organic cattle project is paying off. Both his brothers are now married, but he shows no interest in a settled future. Then a mini superhero runs out into the road, Reed stops him being run over, and the rest is history. Ally and her son are new to town, but getting a proper welcome from the locals who love her new shop.

The romance between the two is very slow burn, as she has no desire to get hurt again. But the Malloy family act as a unit and Ally and her son, Kyle, are being swept into their arms due to her stalker. Things take some pretty interesting twists, but as we can be guaranteed a proper happy ending, it is just a matter of everyone getting on the same page!

This is just such a well written, enjoyable story, which cannot fail to please. Thank you again Ms. Ryan.

Also Available in the Malloys of Montana Series

Book 1
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Book 2
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New York Times bestselling author R.C. Ryan has written more than ninety novels, both contemporary and historical. Quite an accomplishment for someone who, after her fifth child started school, gave herself the gift of an hour a day to follow her dream to become a writer.

In a career spanning more than twenty years, Ms. Ryan has given dozens of radio, television, and print interviews across the country and Canada, and has been quoted in such diverse publications as the Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan. She has also appeared on CNN News, and Good Morning America.

R.C. Ryan is a pseudonym of New York Times bestselling author Ruth Ryan Langan.

Connect with R.C.

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Darkest Hour Before Dawn by Charlie Cochet

THIRDS Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs and Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn are as much in love now as they were nearly seven years ago when a tragic event on the job destroyed their relationship. The two drift together only to be pulled apart time and time again. When Hudson draws the interest of dangerous enemies, both within and outside the organization, Seb wants nothing more than to protect the man who still means everything to him.

As life and death events, an uncertain future, and startling truths draw Hudson and Seb to each other yet again, they must make a choice: trust their love and take strength from what they share, or lose what matters most for good this time.

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Book 9
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Dreamspinner Press

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/M Romance, Shapeshifter
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Hudson and Sebastian have been dancing around each other for years. Despite them being a mated pair, when a past tragedy hits the team, Hudson knows that Sebastian and he cannot be together any longer.

Then, there is a new agent who is supposedly joining their crew, but things are not going as planned. Despite his newness, Trent is trying to make a good impression. He rubs Sebastian the wrong way, but Trent's interest is more in Hudson. Because Sebastian and Hudson are mated, they can feel each other's emotions and when Hudson is targeted, brutalized, he runs right back to Sebastian.

Sebastian takes care of Hudson and Trent all in one take. There is also a mystery agent who keeps sweeping in to help when the agents need it. I really hope that we get to see more of this new agent in the upcoming stories.

In the end, Sebastian and Hudson have to figure out if their bond is enough to pull them back together.

I really like this group of characters and feel that the development of the stories is fantastic!

Oh, I was so excited to see this story was about Hudson and Sebastian! These two have been in previous books and we know they still love each other, but a tragic event pulled them apart. We see characters from previous books and some of their storylines continue in this book, this book is by no means a standalone book. I just loved this book, I didn’t want to put it down because I wanted to read it as fast as I could, but then I found myself putting the book down because I didn’t want it to end and I was trying to make it last as long as I could. I don’t want to give away any of the book, but we have laughs (you know Dex always makes everyone laugh), we have tears, tender heart moments, and then angst and tension. I know this story is about Hudson and Seb, but man, I love Dex more and more with each book too! You feel so much love and chemistry in this book you just want everything to be okay. There are twists and turns in the road ahead it seems, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Characters: Well written
Sex: Oh yeah!
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

I feel like I’ve waited forever for this story! This is finally Seb and Hudson’s story and we finally learn about the long history between these two marked mates. Oh – and we finally learn the identity of the elusive Wolfe.

Seb’s background has been teased out through the series – especially in his brother Ethan’s story. Here, Hudson’s past is finally revealed. Honestly, I was more than a little disappointed. To a British reader, Hudson’s English past doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and his speech is a garbled mash up of vocabulary from all corners and classes of the United Kingdom.

I enjoyed Seb and Hudson together. I love second chance romances and the angst, longing, and tension between these two is fabulous. I was hoping for a slightly more dramatic reason for their separation, but the drama, guilt, and chemistry between these two makes for a very satisfying and very sexy romance.

There isn’t quite as much action in this story as I’ve come to expect from this series. Like book eight, this feels like a stopgap between the first story arc and the TINS story arc that keeps being hinted at and prepared for. There are some exciting scenes here and I loved the explosive ending and the shocking revelation that ends the story.

I loved the action and the romance in this story. I loved catching up with my favourite THIRDS characters and I loved the revelations at the end. I just wish more time had been spent making Hudson a believable Englishman.

Bringing you stories with heroes, humor, and heart.

Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

Connect with Charlie

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS #9) by Charlie Cochet to read and review.

Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

In Lost Rider, the first Western romance in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Harper Sloan’s Coming Home series, an injured rodeo star encounters an old flame but will she be just what he needs to get back in the saddle?

Maverick Austin Davis is forced to return home after a ten-year career as a rodeo star. After one too many head injuries, he’s off the circuit and in the horse farming business, something he’s never taken much of a shine to, but now that it’s his late father’s legacy, familial duty calls. How will Maverick find his way after the only dream he ever had for himself is over?

Enter Leighton Elizabeth James, an ugly duckling turned beauty from Maverick’s childhood—his younger sister’s best friend, to be exact, and someone whose heart he stomped all over when she confessed her crush to him ten years back. Now Leighton is back in Maverick’s life, no longer the insecure, love-stricken teen—and Maverick can’t help but take notice. Sparks fly between them, but will Leighton be able to open her heart to the one man who broke it all those years ago?

Written in the vein of Diana Palmer and Lindsay McKenna, this Texas-set series is filled with sizzle, heart, and plenty of cowboys!

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Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sometimes you just need a sexy, sweet, darlin' calling, hot, Stetson wearing, worn jeans wearing cowboy. Ms. Sloan gives you that with Lost Rider.

Maverick Davis is everything a cowboy should be. Maverick's childhood wasn't ideal. His mom took off when he was younger and Maverick felt the brunt of his father's anger. His brother and sister had it bad but never has bad as Mav did. Maverick's only dream was to be a professional bull rider in the rodeo and get away from Pine Oak. Getting away from Pine Oak also meant getting away from Leighton. She was his sister Quinn's best friend and she had been in love with Maverick for as long as anyone could remember. They were all friends, Clay, his older brother, Quinn, and Leighton, and leaving them behind was the only way Maverick could live out his dream.

Ten years later he finds out about his father's passing and has to return to the one place he has never wanted to come back to. Can Maverick fight the demons that haunt his thoughts? Will he be able to face the one girl he's never been able to forget?

Ms. Sloan pulls you into Pine Oak and keeps you there with the sexy Maverick. He and Leighton light up the pages with their undeniable chemistry.

I can't wait to see where this series goes.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

This is a sweet story about second chances. Leighton is all grown up and working on her own dreams. However, she has continued to be in touch with her best friend's family, despite the very harsh rejection that Maverick Davis gave her.

Maverick is struggling with life. He has had too many riding related injuries and is now sidelined for good. He also has a secret from his siblings that he worries will push them even further away.

When everything comes to a head, Maverick will have to face his past – he'll have to apologize, grovel, and come to terms with his abusive past.

Leighton is Maverick's rock. She supports him, loves him unconditionally, and even though sometimes he's infuriating, she loves all of it and his family.

I enjoyed this story and hope that the siblings get their own.

This was my first time reading any of Harper Sloan's books and while I may not have been completely smitten with Lost Rider, I am intrigued to see what else she has out there. Normally, I am quite the fan of a good cowboy romance, but something about this one just didn't win me over. I was just left feeling rather neutral. I didn't dislike Lost Rider, but I didn't really develop any overly fond feelings for it either. Although, I will say that I enjoyed getting both Leighton and Maverick's points of view, I wasn't too bothered by the flashbacks in time, and the characters had great chemistry.

Maverick Davis is finally returning home after 10 years on the rodeo circuit and it only took his father's funeral and the news that he couldn't ride anymore. Leaving the rodeo star life behind, he returns home to the family horse breeding business, which he's never had much interest in to begin with. After having endured the brunt of his father's anger on one too many occasions, he doesn't have many fond memories of the home he left behind, but duty calls.

Leighton James has crushed on her childhood best friend's older brother for as long as she can remember and hasn't forgotten the way Maverick crushed her heart 10 years ago. But she's no longer the same insecure 16-year-old and Maverick can't help but notice the stunning woman she's turned into.

All in all, Lost Rider was about 3.5 stars read from me. This one may not have been for me, but I would still be curious to read Quinn's story in Kiss My Boots (Coming Home #2)!

This is a second change romance. Maverick and Leighton have known each other all their lives but as soon as Maverick is old enough, he leaves their small town to become a rodeo star. Ten years later, after the death of his father, he returns home.

Lost Rider hooked me in right from the first chapter. The back story between this couple is just wow! Such amazing love and heartache. The emotions are so strong and I could feel the connection between the characters. And not just between Maverick and Leighton but between all of the Davis siblings. The story was emotional, funny, sexy, sassy. All the wonderful things.

So if I was loving this book so much why the 3-star review? Well, the second half of the story is full of internal monologues and musings. We spend far too much time in Leighton and Maverick's heads going through the same stuff over and over and I lost my connection to the story. The second half of the book had only a few small highlights. Most of it was boring and when the book was finished, instead of feeling sad that I was leaving characters I loved, I was relieved I didn't have to read anymore.

The day after I finished this I was watching a scene in Grey's Anatomy where April Kepner is helping Jackson Avery deal with a difficult personal situation and I instantly thought of Leighton and Maverick, so I think these characters might be with me for a while.

Even though I have a love/hate relationship with Lost Rider I would recommend it. I will read the next book in the series, Kiss My Boots, just for the chance to experience the type of story and emotions that the first half of Lost Rider provided.

Harper Sloan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Corps Security and Hope Town series. She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night. Harper lives in Georgia with her family.

Connect with Harper

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Lost Rider (Coming Home #1) by Harper Sloan to read and review.

Snared by Jennifer Estep

The sixteenth book in the New York Times bestselling Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series that RT Book Reviews calls, “An extraordinary series…[containing] one of the most intriguing heroines in the genre.”

If you don’t know Gin “the Spider” Blanco, you don’t know dangerous female heroines.

Irony 101—The Spider herself snared in someone else’s web…

Another week, another few clues trickling in about the Circle, the mysterious group that supposedly runs the city’s underworld. Gathering intel on my hidden enemies is a painstaking process, but a more immediate mystery has popped up on my radar: a missing girl.

My search for the girl begins on the mean streets of Ashland, but with all the killers and crooks in this city, I’m not holding out much hope that she’s still alive.

A series of clues leads me down an increasingly dark, dangerous path, and I realize that the missing girl is really just the first thread in this web of evil. As an assassin, I’m used to facing down the worst of the worst, but nothing prepares me for this new, terrifying enemy—one who strikes from the shadows and is determined to make me the next victim.

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Book 16
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 Stars

Snared is the 16th installment in the Elemental Assassins series. Jennifer Estep is a master at creating captivating urban fantasy worlds, while simultaneously keeping it fresh in a long-standing series.

Gin Blanco (The Spider) is a kickass-badass heroine. Ordinarily, authors shy away from creating such a fierce character, one who doesn't experience shame or guilt for doing what needs to be done. No woe-is-me, second-guessing inner monologue, where the character asks if she's a good or bad person for her actions. Gin owns who she is, recognizing someone has to do the dirty work, so it might as well be her.

(how best to summarize without spoiling the plot...) On the case to locate a missing girl, Gin is led to Ashland's underbelly, where she encounters the Circle. Gin follows the clues, ties the pieces together, and shows her many talents in the process. Estep also shows her talents as a writer, by weaving a storyline that isn't obvious and predicable.

In a formula that has stood the test of time, Snared fits perfectly with its 15 predecessors. Action-packed, comforting as the characters don't act out of character, and heartwarming to see Gin interact with her nearest and dearest, Snared was pure entertainment.

This is an Urban Fantasy series, where the world-building and mystery-solving are the main focus, not romance and between-the-sheets action. I don't recommend Snared be read as a standalone – it's best to start all the way back to the beginning.

I almost forgot how much I love this series! In book 16, Gin is back in all her badass glory. In this book, Gin and her friends track down a serial killer hunting young women. Gin’s hunt for the Circle members continues in the background, but this is a well-crafted murder mystery that could easily stand alone.

Gin is one of my all-time favourite fictional heroines. I love that there is absolutely no romantic angst in this story. As always, she is fierce and loyal, brave and strong. She uses her powers and her brain and she enlists the help of her friends and family. There are moments where she is vulnerable – but she’s always a survivor.

This is also a wonderfully crafted murder mystery. One of the simplest stories in the series, the plot is perfectly paced and clues are dropped carefully to allow readers to participate in Gin’s hunt. I loved the tension and suspense and I loved the way that Gin’s powers and the Ashland community provide an unusual and interesting backdrop for a fairly conventional murder mystery.

This is a wonderful addition to the series. Fans will love this book, but I have to encourage new readers to start at the very beginning with the wonderful Spider’s Bite.

Also Available in the Elemental Assassin Series

Book 14.5
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Book 15
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For reviews & more info, check out our Unraveled post.

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Her Elemental Assassin series follows the life and times of Gin “the Spider” Blanco, a barbecue restaurant owner who also happens to be an assassin with magical control over the elements of Ice and Stone.

The Mythos Academy series focuses on Gwen Frost, a 17-year-old Gypsy girl who has the ability to know an object’s history just by touching it. She studies at Mythos Academy, a school for the descendants of ancient warriors.

Her Bigtime paranormal romance books feature sexy superheroes, evil ubervillains, and smart, sassy gals looking for love.

Estep’s new Black Blade series is about 17-year-old thief Lila Merriweather, who has a Talent for sight, along with the ability to take magic others used against her to boost her own powers. She tries not to get involved with the Families who control much of the town, but ends up in the middle of a potential turf war.

Connect with Jennifer

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Snared (Elemental Assassin #16) by Jennifer Estep to read and review.

From War to Forever by Andria Large


The love of my life is dead. Is there a reason to live anymore?

I’m a veteran Marine. Terrorists took not only my foot, but also my wife. Recurrent nightmares, a dead-end job, and a painful limp are all I have left. My best friend, Tucker, and my sister, Lizette, keep me afloat. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Tucker… literally. And then, out of nowhere, there are these feelings. The kind I haven’t felt in years. The kind I’m not sure I can handle, or even want to. But they’ve started wrapping around my broken heart, trying to mend it. Only they are not for a woman, but for the man suddenly sharing my bed. I’m not so sure I’m ready to give love another go.


The war took my hearing, but I’m alive. Many of my friends are not. I am building a life with my best friend, Dennis. We have become practically inseparable. And now, we are more than friends. I’ve never had feelings like these for a man. My parents, my brother, my buddy, Duke—will they understand how I feel about Dennis? Can I risk losing my family?

2nd Edition
First Edition published as At War by KDP Select, 2015.

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Dreamspinner Press

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Slow burn, gay for you, Marines, hot men, and second chances at happiness. So much to love and man, did I love this book. I thought both Dennis and Tucker were awesome and both had issues that they needed to deal with, but I loved them both and was rooting for them the whole time. I also liked the dual points of view. When I first read this, I didn’t realize it was a trilogy and then the way the book just ended, ugh. I can’t do this book justice with my review. I am not a writer but I love it, it gave me the feels. I connected with both Dennis and Tucker and sometimes that is what matters the most to make a story good.

Characters: Well written
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Not sure
Genre: M/M Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This book does an excellent job telling the story of two Marines who come back from their respective deployments with serious physical injuries as well as PTSD.

Tucker and Dennis met while at a VA hospital during their recovery and have been best friends ever since. Not only is Dennis coping with losing part of his leg, he's also dealing with the loss of his wife, who died at the hands of rebels they were fighting.

Tucker has survivor’s guilt as being one to survive an attack while his good friend, Chuck, died. He's living with hearing loss as well as the guilt.

From best friends to lovers with lots of drama along the way.

3.5 stars

This is the story of two wounded vets struggling to adjust to civilian life. The friendship between Tucker and Dennis provides both men with the strength to deal with their disabilities and the emotional support that no one else in their lives is able to provide. But they never expected to fall for each other.

Dennis is a widower and an amputee. After his years as a Marine, working as a bouncer isn’t always fulfilling. Grief has kept him from relationships and he has to depend on Tucker and his sister more than he’s comfortable with. Tucker lost his hearing in the war, but his skills with computers have transferred more easily to civilian life.

The romance between these two is a surprise to them both. Because their lives are so intricately intertwined before anything sexual or romantic happens, I was actually able to believe in this gay-for-you friends-to-lovers storyline. However, for two men who are very intimate even as friends, I struggled with some of the dramatic miscommunication between them when they become lovers. Some of the conflict felt forced and over the top. These men survived horrific injuries and crippling PTSD – I had a hard time believing that they would fall out with each other so dramatically over more trivial issues.

I enjoyed some of the other characters in this novel, but I felt that some of the side stories detracted from the central relationship. The writing style really didn’t work for me. I found the dialogue choppy and the pacing of the story felt erratic. For me, the writing was distracting and kept getting in the way of the story I wanted to believe in.

ANDRIA LARGE is a traditionally published and self-published contemporary romance author. She doesn’t always follow the rules, so you will find both M/F and M/M books mixed into some of her series.

Henry from the Beck Brothers Series was the first book she self-published. Not expecting anything to really come of it, she was shocked to find the book caught wind and readers were asking for more. Writing books was not something she had set out to do. She wrote stories for herself, as a hobby. Now that it has become her career, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andria grew up in Philadelphia, but now lives in New Jersey with her two daughters and wonderfully supportive husband, who frequently accompanies her at signings. The events that she attends every year are one of her favorite things about being an author. She loves meeting and conversing with her readers, but also enjoys finding new ones.

Andria considers herself open and friendly, so feel free to send her a message if you have a question or just want to chat.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Most people think riot squad officer Taylor Jameson is an asshole. Little do they know his apparent indifference stems from having a meddlesome family always butting into his business. And little does Taylor know he’s about to stumble into a situation that’ll make indifference impossible.

When everything goes horribly wrong at a political rally on a harbour ferry, Taylor encounters Sietta Salisbury. The son of a wealthy politician, Sietta is a revered—but presumed dead—musician, and an enigma who is so strange, Taylor is compelled to look into his background. What he discovers draws him into a bizarre mess of prisoners, politics, and attempted murder that makes him realise what he’s been missing.

Falling in love isn’t hard. Trying to convince someone else you’re worth loving despite your crazy family and the people trying to kill you? That’s a whole other can of worms.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed the story. I loved Taylor, even though he was supposed to be the a-hole. Sietta in my head was older, in the book he is only 22, but for some reason my mind kept wanting to think he was older than that, don’t ask me why though. I loved the bond between twins, Taylor and Clay, which you could feel through the entire book. I also loved all the secondary characters as well. The banter back and forth was nice and it made me feel like I was there in the story and experiencing everything as it happened. I will say Taylor’s little niece stole the show, she was just adorable! I really hope the author decides to make this a series, I would love to know more about all the other characters that were in this book.

Characters: Well written
Sex: Oh yeah!
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Not sure
Genre: M/M Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

This story of a slightly insane Australian police riot squad will appeal to fans of AE Via, Abigail Roux, and Charlie Cochet. Full of testosterone, explosions, and dark humour, this may not be a terribly realistic police procedural – but it is a highly entertaining read.

This is Taylor’s story. An enormous, blonde Viking lookalike, he works with his twin brother on the riot squad. At the start of the story, he finds himself policing a party on a cruise boat where he meets Sietta, a rich boy in more trouble than Taylor can initially understand.

Taylor’s team helps keep Sietta and his little brother safe while they take down his corrupt and evil family and their political allies. From a gun fight at a family barbeque to car chases, kidnapping, shootouts, and explosions, this is a fast paced and exciting action story.

As well as the usual camaraderie between riot squad team mates, this book explores the relationships between the members of Taylor’s large and slightly eccentric family. I loved the banter between siblings and colleagues in this story almost as much as I loved the over-the-top action sequences. The chemistry between Sietta and Taylor is hot and I loved the relationship between Taylor and his twin, Clayton.

This is a fun, exciting, and easy read. The Australian setting is novel and the characters are well developed and immensely likeable. This book could easily be the start of a fantastic series – I’d love to read about the other Jameson siblings and the other members of the riot squad. This author is new to me, but I’m excited to read more of her work.

LINDSEY BLACK lives in Darwin, Australia, where the weather report permanently reads ‘humidity at 100%, only going to get worse’ for ten months of the year and ‘monsoon at 4:00 p.m. for exactly fifteen minutes’ for the remaining two. Between teaching and studying full-time, she escapes this oppressive environment to bushwalk for weeks on end wherever the mobile phone reception has zero bars for as long as possible and the weather report reads something along the lines of ‘blizzard likely.’ She enjoys martial arts, music, and mayhem, which explains the untidy state of her home where she attempts to write while splitting her minimal amounts of spare time between her incredulous husband, lazy Chinchilla cat, and crazed Siberian husky. If you expect her to sit and have a chat, it’s best to have a matcha green tea latte with almond milk on hand and your hiking boots within reach. Oh, and be sure to bring a guitar for impromptu jam sessions.

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Necessary Medicine by M.K. York

With intelligence and humor, debut male/male author M.K. York delivers an emotionally charged slow-burn romance set in a prestigious Bay Area teaching hospital

In the high-intensity world of hospital residency programs, there's no room for romance. So it's a good thing for first-year surgical resident Neil Carmona that his crush on the gorgeous cardiologist Eli Newcombe is sheer fantasy. Not only is the sexy doctor Neil's superior, he's also recently divorced.

As Neil's skill as a surgeon grows, so does his friendship with Eli, and his silent, hopeless longing for more. It isn't until Neil's final year that Eli at last admits his own deepest desires. But Neil's joy is short-lived: Eli has no intention of pursuing a relationship. Their positions in the hospital would make it unethical, even if he was emotionally ready for someone new.

Wounded and furious, Neil is determined to forget about Eli once and for all. But when a near-tragedy strikes, a new question arises: Is a life without love—without Neil—a greater risk than laying his heart on the line?

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Carina Press

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Told from Neil's point of view, the story takes us from the first time Neil sees Eli in a coffee shop right before a lecture where Eli is the guest lecturer, to the end of his residency.

We quickly follow Neil to residency where we see the difficulties he faces and how hard you have to work to become a surgeon. Trying to find time to sleep is hard enough, let alone trying to have a social life or any kind of work life balance. Neil does makes friends at the hospital. Mark and Kristi, fellow residents, Pete, his mentor, and also Eli, as they work together to help improve diversity at the hospital, all help Neil as he moves through residency.

I devoured Necessary Medicine in less than 24 hours. I am a huge fan of medical drama shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy, so this story was right up my alley. Necessary Medicine is a slow burn and I loved it. I was engaged with the story right from the beginning. I loved the different characters and seeing life at the hospital. Of course, the highlight is the growing friendship between Neil and Eli and their move from friends to more, which was perfectly done. Necessary Medicine is a wonderful story.

This is one of the more realistic medical stories that I’ve read. The book follows Neil through the ups and downs of his grueling four-year surgical residency. The slow burn romance between Neil and Eli, one of the senior doctors in his hospital, runs alongside the story of Neil’s medical career.

I found the medical details in this story more successful than the romance. Neil’s grueling schedule brought back vivid and unwelcome memories of living with my husband during his years as a junior doctor in the UK. The American residency system is slightly different, but making high stakes decisions while sleep deprived is a common experience. It would be impossible not to empathise with Neil and his colleagues.

While this story tracks Neil’s residency with accuracy and honesty, I’m not sure it works as a novel. Four years is a long period of time to cover in a novel. Here, I felt that the author struggles at times to sustain an exciting pace through four years of repetitive and tedious medical study. With only the timeline of Neil’s residency to structure the plot, this felt at times more like a series of journal entries than a novel.

Four years is also a long time to stretch out a romance. Neil first encounters Eli as a medical student at a lecture. For me, Neil’s journey from quiet fandom to admirer to colleague to friend and finally to something more is just too drawn out. Any initial chemistry between these two died long before they actually got together. Eli’s hang-ups about his sexuality and his life in the closet complicate the romance and do nothing to make him a more attractive partner for Neil. Hiding in the closet makes Eli feel much older than Neil – I found the age gap between these two more off-putting than sexy.

While I appreciate the accuracy of the medical details in this story, it did little for me as a novel. Readers with a keen interest in medical dramas or medical careers will enjoy this for the careful detail. Readers wanting a sexy m/m romance should probably look elsewhere.

Michelle K. York is a medical student on the West Coast with a master’s degree in psychology. Necessary Medicine is her debut novel. Previous work includes fanfiction, as well as academic publications on the social perception of sexual orientation and the intersections of sexual orientation and gender identity with patient experience in the medical profession.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Necessary Medicine by M.K. York to read and review.