Wicked Reads' Easter Egg Hunt

We're hosting a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Clues as to where on the blog you'll find the Easter egg will post throughout the day on Sunday, April 1st on our Facebook page and Twitter. There will be 12 clues plus a Bonus clue posting between 12:01 am ET to 11:59 pm ET.

Each clue will direct you to a blog post for a Dreamspinner Press​, DSP Publications​, or Harmony Ink Press​ title that we have reviewed on the blog. Hidden within the blog post you will find an Easter egg with either a letter or number on the center of the egg. And don't worry, they're big enough for you to see.

Once you've found the egg, you'll need to enter the letter or number on the Rafflecopter for the corresponding clue number (which will be found in the upper left corner of each egg's graphic).

The Rafflecopter will close at midnight ET on Monday, April 2nd.

We're giving away three $10 Dreamspinner Press credits.
In order to qualify for the random drawing, you have to find 12 of the 13 eggs and enter their letters or numbers in the correct clue # on the Rafflecopter.


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