Scavenger Hunt ~ Black Friday Weekend 2017

We’re back with another Black Friday Weekend Scavenger Hunt! A little challenge that would hopefully offer a bit of stress relief and that would give you an opportunity to reward yourself for surviving the biggest shopping weekend in the US.

From Black Friday (November 24th at 12:01 am ET) through Cyber Monday (November 27th at 11:59 pm ET), Wicked Reads is hosting a SCAVENGER HUNT!!!

Each day we will post 3 to 5 clues. The posting times will vary. The answers can be found by searching the Wicked Reads blog. That's right folks, this is a book & blog related scavenger hunt.


A Rafflecopter has been set up for hunters to submit their answers. This has been done so that no one can cheat off of your hard work. The Rafflecopter will be open until 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, November 28th to allow all hunters time to enter their answers.

We’re mixing up the clues this year and posting them on our various social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Some clues will be on all three sites and some will only be on one.

When the clue goes live, it will be added to the Rafflecopter on the Scavenger Hunt page. The Rafflecopter will direct you to which social media (S.M.) site each clue is posted on.

Do NOT post the answer on the Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram posts.
Persons who post their answers on the clue post will be disqualified.

Should you decide to work with a partner, do it via PM, email, or text messaging. But understand, only the person’s name who is drawn is eligible for the prize. It will NOT be split up between partners.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The prizes are Dreamspinner Press $$ credited to your DSP account.
1st Place – $35 Dreamspinner Press Dollars
2nd Place – $25 Dreamspinner Press Dollars
3rd Place – $15 Dreamspinner Press Dollars

Because this is a Scavenger Hunt, you must qualify to be entered into each level's drawing.
3rd Place – 50% of the clues solved correctly.
2nd Place – 75% of the clues solved correctly.
1st Place – 100% of the clues solved correctly.
*Note: If no one submits 100% of the answers correct, then the next highest percentage attained will be designated as the qualifier.*

Winners will be chosen randomly from everyone who qualifies for the level.
Winners will need to have or set up an account with Dreamspinner Press so that their prize can be credited to their account.
The Scavenger Hunt is open to International hunters as well, but the DSP Dollars are credited as USD.
New this year: You can gift your entire prize to someone else as long as they have a Dreamspinner Press account.


All of the clues & answers will be about Dreamspinner Press, DSP Publications, and Harmony Ink ebooks and audiobooks.

So, when you’re looking for an answer, if the blog post you’re looking at doesn’t have the Dreamspinner Press logo

OR the DSP Publications logo,

OR the Harmony Ink logo at the bottom of the post,

then your answer is incorrect and you need to continue hunting.

The search bar at the upper left side of the page is your friend. If you’re accessing the site via a mobile device, use the link at the bottom of the page to request the Web Version of the page.


Once the Rafflecopter goes live, any additional info will be added to this section.

Reminder: Your answer must be a book(s) or series that we've reviewed on our blog.

Clue #6 has been corrected on the Rafflecopter (9:15am ET). Fortunately no one submitted an answer & an observant follower notified us of the error within hours of the posting.

The links to the social media sites have been updated on the clues on the Rafflecopter. So the links to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook should take you directly to the clue post. If a clue was posted on all three sites, there is no direct link.

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